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Mission Statement

Choice USA mobilizes and provides ongoing support to the diverse, upcoming generation of leaders who promote and protect reproductive choice both now and in the future. We are dedicated to the right of each person worldwide to decide when and if they will have sex, when and if they will be pregnant, and when and if they will have a child. In order to make those personal decisions, accurate information and safe, legal reproductive health services must be available to everyone.


What We Do

A decade ago, renowned activist and author Gloria Steinem, along with other feminist leaders, founded Choice USA.

As a national pro-choice organization, Choice USA gives emerging leaders the tools they need to organize, network, and exchange ideas to build a youth-centered pro-choice agenda and mobilize communities for reproductive freedom.

Choice USA helps students and young activists:

Build leadership and organizing skills through our institutes, fellowships, and internships;

Mobilize their communities for reproductive choice, by providing effective strategies for education and outreach;

Win concrete victories to increase the availability of reproductive information and services.

Together, we are ensuring a pro-choice future by educating others, activating supporters, pressuring decision-makers to support choice issues, helping emerging leaders begin their careers in activism -- and by showing that if you can envision change, you can make it.

Now's the time to get involved.

"If anyone wonders who the new leaders are - or who is nurturing them - they have only to look at Choice USA. It's only logical that the time of life in which people are most concerned with reproductive freedom should be the age of maximum activism and leadership. Choice USA is making that logic come true for millions of young people, on and off campus." -- Gloria Steinem



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