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Mission Statement

My goal is simple -- listen to your thoughts and concerns, serve as your voice, and stand strong for you once elected Mayor of Palmetto Bay.

I look forward to taking my 25 years of management experience and the broad range of issues facing our community to the Village Council, where I am confident that I will make a positive impact on behalf of our entire Village!


Jim ARAIZA is running for Mayor of the Village of Palmetto Bay, a small suburb of Miami, Florida.

The Village has been incorporated for 4 years and is now out of the "dreaming" stage and into the "implementation" phase. It now needs a strong leader with business management experience to direct the course for the next 4 years.

Our village is run by a Village Manager, yet the current mayor is running it like a "Strong Mayor" system (running the village as though he's the King), getting involved in the hands-on operations of the Village and interfering with the jobs that are to be done by the employees of the village.

Elected officials are in office to MAKE POLICY, ONLY, and not to interfere with everyone else's position. The Mayor's position is also one that should be a civic duty (done out of the goodness of a person's heart and responsibility), and as such, it should not be the fulltime job of the person in that capacity. Unfortunately, it's become a fulltime position for the current person in it, and those truly running the village are unable to do so without constant interference.

Our village's council is headed in the wrong direction, and Jim ARAIZA is the person to correct this. Palmetto Bay left Miami-Dade County and incorporated as our own city so that we could stay a small village and accomplish our own projects.

We can't let things keep going the way that they are, because we don't want to return to the "career politician mentality" of a large city, complete with lobbyists and corrupt politics.

The elections are Tuesday, September 5, and items on the ballot for our little town include:
1) A 100% increase in the Mayor's salary (from $12,000 to $24,000 a year, plus full benefits and expenses).
2) An increase in term limits from 2 terms (8 years) to 3 terms (12 years).
3) The easing of our lobbyist laws from 4 years to ONE.

These things are just wrong, and Jim Araiza is against all of them.

We don't want a village run by a "Good Ol' Boy" group of career politicians, so we have to stop it before it happens.



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