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Mission Statement

Our Mission

Through the sharing of lived experience and preservation of our unique Canadian radar story, we inspire curiosity in history, science, and technology.

Our Mandate

The Secrets of Radar Museum is dedicated to preserving the experiences, artefacts, and history of the men and women who helped build, develop, operate and maintain Canadian radar, here and abroad. It engages with and educates the public about the history and technology of radar in Canada, both military and civilian, by offering exhibitions, outreach, programming, and publicly accessible research facilities. The Museum aims always to provide a therapeutic and accessible setting for veterans and other visitors.


During World War II, at the request of the British government, almost 6,000 Canadians were trained on RADAR and sent into every theatre of war. Sworn to an oath of secrecy that was not fully lifted until 1991, it was only recently that these men and women were able to share their experiences. Canadian radar personnel were a crucial part of the war effort. Many of these early radar veterans went on to have leadership roles in the development of radar during the Cold War and in the Canadian electronics industry.

The contributions of the thousands of men and women working on Canadian radar since 1940, both military and civilian, have helped to protect our soldiers on the front lines, our people at home, and helped to create a technological legacy that continues to be part of our everyday lives.

Founded in 2001 and opened to the public on May 24, 2003, the Secrets of Radar Museum is an incorporated not-for-profit museum located in London, Ontario. We are committed to sharing Canadian radar history, from its earliest experimentation to recent advances, and most importantly, to the preservation of real life stories and personal experiences of the people who have worked and continue to work in radar.



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