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Mission Statement

To help young people become well-informed and responsible citizens, prepared for personal and professional success in our global community.


World Savvy runs three programs focused on raising youth awareness of global issues: (1) Teachers Program: World Savvy consultants work with middle and high school teachers of any discipline to identify individual teaching goals and needs. Then they suggests ways to integrate global issues into current curriculum and provides all the resources to do so, including ongoing support. (2) Global Youth Media and Arts Program (MAP) The MAP is an opportunity for middle and high school youth to explore the connections between international affairs and their daily lives and create art and media based on their explorations. The program culminates in a 2 month Festival to showcase the visual and performing artwork that is created by these middle and high school students. (3) World Affairs Challenge The World Affairs Challenge is a unique and creative academic program for middle and high school students that culminates in a day of competition. It provides youth with an opportunity to work collaboratively as they explore an aspect of the annual theme as it relates to international affairs.



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Would you recommend World Savvy?

by Nicholas C. (2012-02-08 11:27:09.0)
I'm happy to participate in anything that engages youths to confront the BIG QUESTIONS facing the world. World Savvy is particularly adept at encouraging them to investigate causes and explore solutions to international issues. Huge, important ideas come out of events like the World Affairs Challenge and I'll be proud to say I did my small part by volunteering. Can't wait for this year!
by Annie F. (2012-02-07 11:00:17.0)
Volunteering at the World Affairs Challenge was so much fun! I could tell that all of the students put a lot of time and effort into their presentations, and I even ended up learning a few things! Overall a very thought-provoking, positive experience.
by Julie B. (2012-02-06 16:56:02.0)
Being a part of this event was so inspiring. During my everyday routine I am pretty disconnected from anyone under the age of 18 - so I had a great time listening to their ideas. I not only learned a lot from them, but felt inspired to do more with my life!
by Morgan P. (2012-02-06 16:44:42.0)
I volunteered for the World Savvy Challenge last year. I was a judge for the student projects and I absolutely loved my experience. The day started off with a really interesting keynote address. After that, the presentations began. The student's energy was infectious and their projects were truly excellent. I was so inspired by their hard work and diligent research, and the presentations they came up with were creative and fun to watch. The day flew by. I plan on volunteering again this year for sure.