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Mission Statement

The vision of the Promise Scholars Initiative is to prepare all Ontario-Montclair School District (OMSD) students to be successful in a global society by increasing their high school completion rates and college going rates. This vision will be achieved by starting early. Promise Scholars begins by working with 5th grade students and parents through services and activities which provide exposure to, and encouragement for, post secondary learning experiences. The program follows the students as they progress through the education pipeline from elementary to middle to high school and college.


Promise Scholars aims to fulfill three main objectives in order to increase the skills the students need in the future for themselves, their families, and their communities. We plan on increasing parent and student awareness and aspirations early for college and technical training. Also, we want to increase student knowledge about college and technical training opportunities and their plans to participate in post secondary education. Finally, we overall want to provide increases access to college for the Promise Scholars of the OMSD.

This will be done by different components of the program broken down by grade level. The fifth and eight graders attend field trips to community colleges and four year universities to become exposed to higher education. The sixth graders participate in business leader presentations in class, where community members come speak about their path to college and their career. The twelfth graders have the opportunity to attend a Cash for College workshop and receive assistance with their financial aid.


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