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Mission Statement

The mission of the Family Violence Law Center is to end family violence and abuse in our community by providing legal, counseling and prevention services primarily for women and children. Last year, the Family Violence Law Center (FVLC) provided crisis intervention services to more than 10,000 women and children victimized by domestic violence. As one of California's oldest agencies serving battered women and their children, FVLC has a long and distinguished record of working to create safety and justice for women and their children in Alameda County.


FVLC is dedicated to eliminating domestic violence. All of our services are strictly confidential and are available regardless of ability to pay. Below is a brief list of the services we offer our clients:

  • Legal assistance in obtaining restraining orders.
  • Crisis line assistance, referrals, legal information and advice.
  • Advocacy with law enforcement agencies.
  • Support groups
  • Individual counseling
  • Teen violence prevention
  • Safe at Home project


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by Wendy K. (2009-11-21 21:38:38.0)
I have been volunteering with FVLC for 2 months and counting. I have found the experience to be incredibly rewarding. The organization is staffed with caring professionals who regularly thank volunteers for their help and express gratitude to each other for the important crisis intervention work they do. Their cutting-edge comprehensive programs include collaboration with the police dept, legal support and restraining orders, referrals, 24 hr mobile response unit and emergency relocation. In addition to crisis intervention, the FVLC's youth program RAP is raising awareness and making change among teens where 2 out of 3 teen relationships in the USA involve violence, and I have enrolled friends and family in their Jane Campaign. Particularly at this time when funding cuts are happening to dv agencies, support is needed more than ever. Contributing to FVLC has given me a strong sense of hope and inspiration amidst tough societal circumstances, and I have gained many skills as well.
by Laura B. (2009-11-20 16:26:28.0)
I interviewed to volunteer with this organization, I was told they pay for the volunteers to be trained to be a domestic abuse counselor if that was something I was interested in. I spoke with a nice young woman named Veronica, who was helpful and excited. I arrived for my interview only to be left waiting 1 hour. When someone finally did arrive it was another supervisor so I was told who didn't introduce herself, and she had an attitude so I didn't bother to ask her name. She took me to Veronica and they both interviewed me,they asked me good questions which I had answers for pertaining to the sitution and the volunteer position. The entire time during the interview the supervisor who didn't introduce herself kept giving me inappropriate looks and smirks. And she seemed to be irritated when I said I was never abused. I decided agaisn't volutering there, I don't need the agravation. And you must pay for the domestic abuse class on your own, they said you get reimbursed later. :o(
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