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Mission Statement

MOMMAS is a home for young mothers aged 17 to 21 years and their babies. For approximately two years, the young mothers at MOMMAS house continue education or vocational experience interrupted by pregnancy. With guidance and direction, the young mothers can learn to support themselves and their children independently.


MOMMAS House is dedicated to ensuring that any pregnant young woman on Long Island can have a realistic opportunity to choose life for her child even in the most difficult of circumstances. MOMMAS can make a difference for teenage mothers abandoned by their families, having no place to take their babies other than a seedy rooming house and no prospects other than being chained to welfare. Young mothers, whose choice of life for their child is at odds with a society which too often promotes death, now have a place to take their baby home.

During the first six weeks after the baby is born, each young mother is encouraged to bond with her infant. Vocational counseling and other counseling are provided as needed. After the first six weeks, the young mother must proceed with vocational or educational goals which are to be accomplished during her residency.

During their year at MOMMAS House, the young mothers are afforded a supportive environment. Parenting classes instruct the young mothers in proper infant care, thereby helping to minimize neglect often associated with teenaged motherhood. Tutoring and other classes are offered as needs become apparent. As they learn the practical skills needed to be a working parent, they must save money in preparation for the day they leave MOMMAS House.



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