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Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Teaching those with developmental disabilities to live independent lives in their community so that they can be their own person, live their own lives, and experience the joy of doing so. Program Philosophy: D.E.S.I. believes the approaches to teaching individuals with developmental disabilities should foster autonomy and self-esteem. Allowing clients to engage in problem solving skills is allowing them to make choices towards an independent life. The process of learning is by giving opportunities to discover and understand the community one lives in.


Our services are designed to support the unique needs of our clients so that they may increase their independence, and their knowledge to become active members of their community as they integrate into every day activities. These activities could be tasks such as utilizing public transportation, attending post secondary education, acquiring employment, micro-enterprising, building appropriate social skills, learning about financial budgeting and any other areas in which assistance is desired.



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by Inez F. (2015-01-25 06:11:16.0)
I had a great time volunteering for D.E.S.I.! Everyone there was really kind to me and it was really small so I felt comfortable and welcome in the office. I volunteered for a brief amount of time so I can't speak for the fieldwork but from the pictures hanging on the wall it seems really rewarding and sweet!
by Claudia R. (2015-01-13 09:37:49.0)
This organization has a dedicated staff. From day one of my volunteering day which was in early January 2014, i was greeted and treated with patience and respect. I have met the clients and they are always happy and respectful to their educators and everyone on staff including myself as a volunteer. The clients enjoy the services provided to them and the dedication from each educator and staff member. I have learned a lot from this company and the clients. Most importantly i have grown to see the amount of dedication that is put into the clients and staff from the Founder Elizabeth Jinzo who always has an optimistic view in future endeavors. With great passion and dedication is how this organization is operated. I would highly recommend this organization to potential volunteers.