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Mission Statement

The Seventeenth District Court of Redford Township, Michigan, has established a special veterans court to address the problems of military veterans who have encountered legal issues stemming from their military experiences and which have become problematic in their reintegration into civilian life. A salient feature of this court is to provide each veteran brought before it the opportunity to successfully transition that chasm which lies between the military warrior they were and the civilian they have become. Recognizing that there exist among all military veterans a camaraderie and shared understanding the court has further established a Military Veterans Mentoring Program to assist in its mission to reorient the behavior of these troubled veterans of our community. The purpose of this program is to pair troubled veterans of our community with veterans who have successfully made the difficult transition form being warriors to civilians, and help the court in helping those that are still struggling. The job of these volunteer military veteran mentors is to extend a helping hand to their assigned mentees and "get'em back on the mission" of becoming the productive citizen civilians they were meant to be. It will be the task of the volunteer mentor to stand with the court at the front line and bring to bear thier understanding of thier fellow veterans and advise, guide and assist in them in the healing of the wounds of war.


To be a volunteer mentor of the court you must be an honorably discharge military veterans who served at least two years on active duty. In addition, you must posses a valid Michigan Drivers License, be a resident of Southeast Michigan and never convicted of a felony crime.



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