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Mission Statement

Fusion's mission is to empower internally displaced persons worldwide by providing services that alleviate poverty, protect human rights, and promote dignity and self-sufficiency. Fusion also raises awareness of the global crisis of internal displacement through education for the general public.


The global crisis of internal displacement presents one of the most critical humanitarian and human rights challenges of the 21st century. Internal displacement occurs when people are forced to flee their homes because of armed conflict, internal strife, systematic violations of human rights, and natural or man-made disasters. Unlike refugees, however, IDPs do not cross a national border, and consequently do not benefit from the same international legal protection and elaborate humanitarian aid mechanism. IDPs number roughly 25 million, double the amount of refugees worldwide, and their lack of international protection and attention makes them one of the world's most vulnerable and neglected populations. While their own national governments' often attempt to conceal their existence, the majority of IDPs are left to fend for themselves in situations of severe poverty and violence. Fusion's objectives are: - To equip internally displaced persons with the tools to reintegrate into society with dignity and independence. - To create opportunities for the populations disproportionately affected by internal displacement, such as ethnic minorities, women, and children. - To work in collaboration with stakeholders at the local, national, and international levels to provide context-specific, resource-efficient programming. - To contribute to sustainable development and successful transitions out of armed conflict. - To raise awareness and visibility of internal displacement.

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