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Mission Statement

To intentionally present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people, using all forms of media, and providing a way to respond.


In 1996, George Barna released a report stating that up to 36% of a Christian radio or television audience had not accepted Christ. As a result of this report, several ministries came together and discussed using 60-second radio spots to present a clear, concise, and culturally relevant Gospel message as well as a toll free number for listeners to respond.

That vision became reality in 1997 when the first spots were run on five radio stations. As a result of Godâ s hand moving in the lives of listeners, 500 people came to Christ.

Since those first radio spots in 1997, NEEDHIM has received over 800,000 calls and presented the Gospel to over 70,000 people. The radio spots are heard on over 1200 radio and TV stations, and the 888-NEEDHIM is displayed in countless printed formats. In addition, NeedHim has become more than just phone calls. Each year the www.NeedHim.org website/chat logo receives 4 million visits, our volunteers respond to over 10,000 emails, and 12,000 instant message chats about Christ from all over the world!

Until February 2000, volunteers who logged on to the network from home answered all calls. However, the need for a call center became obvious as the responses continued to grow so NeedHim opened its first answer center. Volunteers can still take calls from home using our internet system.

NeedHim works together with Luis Palau, American Tract Society, Hope for the Heart, Jesus Video, Campus Crusade for Christ, Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, National Day of Prayer and Moody Broadcasting. The borders of NeedHim continue to expand as we seek to tell more and more people about Jesus.

In a culture where anonymity is prized, we offer a place for people to turn where they can find real answers without real confrontation. At the present time, we have over 130 volunteers who donate 1-2 hours a week to the Lord by answering calls. Many of them have come to NeedHim knowing that they need to share the Gospel, but have never done so. They usually experience some fear before taking that first call, but after prayer, encouragement and role-playing, they are able to overcome their fear. Nothing can take away the fear of sharing the Gospel more than sharing the Gospel. Here at NeedHim, theyâ re learning and people are listening.

There are many times when we wonder who is more blessed by NeedHim: the caller who comes to Christ, or the volunteer who leads them. Weâ ve seen many volunteers leave with tears of joy and a deep sense of being used by God.

Our mission has always been to â Intentionally Present the Gospel.â Praise to the Lord, thatâ s being accomplished. We pray the Lord continues to see NeedHim as fit for His service. In the following materials, youâ ll learn a little more about NeedHim, but most importantly, youâ ll learn how you can share the Gospel clearly, concisely and Biblically. Thatâ s the mission.



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