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Mission Statement

"Co-operative enterprises build a better world" - UN


It is a non-profitable and non-governmental organization striving for prospering the world with creativity. It has been established in activation and participation of young and energetic nationalist group of youths. We ,through this organization have concluded that we will tend to provide every essential element that has been considered as the indispensable element for the prosperity of the world. We are very much impressed with the inspirable statements of Gandhi and Buddha that are "We shall have to begin with children" and "World change starts with the education of children" respectively. The UN declaration "Cooperative enterprises build a better world" has also motivated us a lot and propped us up being nation server as well. With the excitement and activation of youths and patronage of guardians, reaching every house of the entire V.D.C.s, spreading the warm light of education, cooperative, literacy and consciousness as well as nationalism; prospering the nation in the cooperation of the integral people, communities, societies, occupations, creeds and races is the predominant motive of SAHAKARI AVIYAN NEPAL (SAN) with which we have been struggling. Within the beginning period of our campaign we have already heralded in our roadmap that we bring educational revolution, Cultural Revolution, agricultural revolution and eventually the economic revolution respectively by making each of them relevant to each other which will materialize the daydream of building better and prosperous Nepal.

This mission will suggest & train the people of each and every village to set up a cooperative among the all tribes residing in society for reducing unemployment, modernizing the way of agriculture, enhancing mutual understanding and serving the nation. Contemplating ("A cooperative is an enterprise established in voluntary and spontaneous participation and is controlled & conducted by the autonomous and democratic executive committee to meet the similar social, cultural, and economic needs and aspirations of bound people.") the above defined description of cooperative this organization has considered its duty to encourage people to become dedicated toward nation development since until the nation doesn't progress, its dweller's progress is negligible.

Thus, the integral cooperatives bound with this campaign will follow these principles absolutely in a prudent way.


SAN has concluded that there are six fundamental elements to bring the drastic change for the entire development of a country. Our school emphasizes on those six primary elements. It will go on implementing those basic requirements of the society altogether gradually. No sooner will it be successful in formulating these elements in all places than the daydream of having radical revolution in nation in the field of education will be achieved. The six concluded elements for propping up and enhancing the deed of nation development are as follows.

Productive Generation Equipped with Marketable Education-

The children of today are the adult person of tomorrow of whom in the hand; the integral developmental tasks will come. The generation who are able to make their living in every nook and corner of the world carrying a great self-esteem; who are creative and brimful with constructiveness are considered as the productive generation. To enhance the development works and infra-structures of development, productive generation is essential. The children of current state only become productive and marketable if they obtain qualitative and marketable education. SAN School provides qualitative and marketable education and make pupil creative. It trains children to utilize the available resources and protest about the bad cultures remained in the society. The students studied here will be aware of the environment and constructive so that they will create job offers by themselves in the society as well as cooperate with each other on reducing the problems in the society. Consequently, the generation will become productive and will contribute for conservation of environment and society development as well.

Micro-saving (Surplus) Collective Seed Money

As the students are enlisted in our school, the parents will be asked to become the members of the cooperative (Credit Union ).The parents of pupils will have to keep certain surplus every month after the enrollment of student so as the students will pass through the entire grades available in school (probably the SLC); they will get the amount they saved as seed money. This will allow students to keep on their further study and to set any small enterprises as well. Unless we do it, although we teach students free of cost due to the economic challenges they may not be able to run further study. Hence, this project will definitely assist students becoming the productive and creative generation. Also, This seed money will enable future youths start small enterprises and generate income for their future.We believe in UN declaration - " Co-operative enterprises build a better world "

Industries, Factories & Job offers

Every single country to be developed, there is a huge need of industries, factories. The industries & factories are important in many purposes. The agricultural production is consumed and changed into the sophisticated things by the factories & industries. The utilization of resources is only possible when there are enough factories & industries. Mostly, the creation of job offers happen within the industries and factories. Therefore, the industries and factories are considered as the indispensable elements for the enhancement and development of a nation.

In another way, the main challenge of current world (especially the developing countries) is unemployment. Unless the entire people are employed, they can't contribute something for the development of nation though the employed human power is most important thing for national development. We, through SAN will have set up and run several cottage industries initially. After the struggle of a few years in cottage industries, we will have changed these industries into the large scale industries and departmental center. For an instance, we will carry out several dairies as an income generating project. After some years, combining the all dairies established in different places; we will run a milk industry which will not only consume the raw materials from agricultural field but also will create many job offers and employees that indeed will contribute a lot in nation development.

Rural-Agro Tourism & Home Stay -Volunteerism

Nepal is known as a prosperous country in its natural resources. Its geographical diversity is itself a beauty. The northern area is extended carrying the beautiful panorama of smiling mountain range. The central part is expanded with many hills and notable lakes and scenery. And the southern portion has been laid with various species of animals and sorts of sub-tropical evergreen forest. The SAN via their streams in different parts of Nepal will spread the information and update of the natural beauty, cultural diversity, natural and historical heritages of Nepal. It will tell people about the costumes, traditions and festivals as well. Hence, we will encourage tourists ,volunteers ,interns to arrive and visit Nepal that will obviously be helpful enhancing the economy.

Green & Eco-Friendly Environment - Plantation

The importance of nature is not needed to be stated; since everyone knows without it their survival is like the existence of earth without sun. Although it has a vital role, people have been less conscious about this issue. We will spread awareness to people becoming sensitive and rational of environmental issues through plantation, conservation of the existing natural resources and cleanliness of the available resources. When we, from every village where we are; carry out such a campaign; will surely occupy a great role on safeguarding the natural resources, making the surrounding green and changing the people friendly to the entire living creatures and environment.

Organic Farming

Health is such an element that alone can make life worthy. There is a dictum "Health is wealth". Our meal also plays a vital role for being healthy. Now in present days, the production is dependable on chemical fertilizers though it works as a slow poison in our body system. We through our farming projects have been running the organic vegetable, flowers and plant production. Similarly, the students are well taught to bring up vegetables in an organic way. The projects run by us, is a sample for the internal and external visitors. Many people have been encouraged to develop the organic farming and it continues regularly. In this way, we motivate the nation dwellers (especially the rural dwellers) for organic farming which will meet one of the necessary requirements of the nation.

Initially SAN has been stepping forward with these fundaments of development. The First SAN School of our unique model has been established with several other projects. After the successful running of this school as well as the income generating projects, we are setting up the same schools in various parts of the Nepal carrying the principle objective of nation development.


According to the international norms, values & principles, making the dispersed constant resources mobilized; we have realized the need of cooperative that is conducted by people themselves in an autonomous and democratic way. We through cooperative will provide an agricultural training to farmers, find out the sources for the businessmen and will co-operate the society holistically. For this, we need to have the youth energy and guardianship from the community. And we have been attempting to receive so. We have established several cooperatives in various places and with the young and energetic nationalists. We are stepping forward bearing in mind that cooperative enterprises have equal importance as the education in nation development.

As I stated above that we have been running unique modeled school owing to the great role of education in national development program, we have been running cooperatives as well.

As the small droplets of water make a sea, the cooperatives with many energetic youths and experience guardians altogether will fetch the capital from different houses as the small amount of money; that will materialize the daydream of forming the prosperous Nepal. But for this, cooperation needs to be done. SAHAKARI AVIYAN NEPAL via the cooperatives will modernize the traditional agro-system and assist for economic consolidation. In addition to this, we will train the young people who are wandering unemployed as well as we will offer certain job opportunities. The main objective of this cooperative is to consume the resources and raw materials from rural area and agricultural area within the country, and help in the economic stability of rural people. We will go on with several poverty alleviation projects cooperatively, combining the energy of youth and heedfulness of guardians.

`Special Motives

The organization has taken policy that it primarily invests loan to the productive and agro-oriented sectors.

  • Conducting & running cooperative complying with the 7 principles; putting emphasize and maintaining good reign.
  • Cooperating members to be changed from traditional agro-system into modern and business oriented agro-system.
  • Providing official assistant toward socio-life of the members, and carrying the service oriented functions out establishing the importance of cooperative.
  • Enhancing economic capability by developing the habit of saving in members & developing various trades and business on the base of mutual understanding.
  • Enhancing the production capacity.
  • Collecting the saving amount from members and loan from other financial offices; constructing needed financial resources.
  • Emphasizing to develop the communal life standard of youth, poor, socially and economically lagged class and women through cooperative.



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