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Mission Statement

The vision of Today’s Dream Tomorrow’s Future is to awaken youth to their purpose, potential, and power; foster a healthy transition into adulthood, and inspire youth as catalysts for positive change, effective leadership, and monumental achievement. Our mission is to provide safe and supervised in school and after school programming designed to promote academic excellence, celebrate cultural diversity and cultivate positive youth development, offering our youth the opportunity to build, serve and enhance their communities.


TODAY’S EXPLORERS SCI-TECH PROGRAM Today’s Explorers Sci-Tech Program teaches students to embrace science, math, technology, and engineering as the gateway to the future and equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of a dynamic, global economy, heavily influenced by advancements in science and technology. We challenge students with fun, engaging, and interactive experiences to nurture an interest in exploring career paths in the fields. This program emphasizes hands-on learning activities to develop a sense of confidence in which our students are not intimidated by math and science but excited about the opportunity to be exposed to its applications and principles.
TODAY’S COLLEGE BOUND NETWORK Today’s College Bound Network is designed to inspire youth to venture into an accelerated learning path of higher education institutions and lay the foundation for career exploration. Our programs consist of workshops, classes, and lectures on study skills, time management, note taking, critical reading, research skills, writing styles and techniques, oral presentations, SAT/ACT preparation, college admissions, financial aid, money management and tips on successfully navigating the college experience. In addition, a team of advisors are assembled to offer one-on-one, personalized, guidance and support which concludes with annual college tours.
TODAY’S YOUTH PARTNERSHIP Today’s Youth Partnership commits a team of dedicated staff, serving in a mentorship capacity, to build a trusting relationship with students in a caring, supportive, and structured environment. Mentors partner with students, parents, family members, and teachers to establish a community-wide, collaborative effort designed to promote bonding, foster self-efficacy, and cultivate social, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and moral competence. Our program seeks to heighten awareness of the social, emotional, and psychological conditions that make youth susceptible to involvement in disruptive activities and the protective factors necessary to enhance resiliency and promote positive development. Daily homework assistance, interactive classroom performance modules, one-on-one tutoring, and group study sessions are activities used to monitor, assess, and stimulate academic progress.
TODAY’S GLOBAL CITIZEN Today’s Global Citizen encourages students to understand and respect differences as our actions and interactions are inextricably interrelated on a global scale. We develop within our students the ability to overcome conflicts as a barrier to development, and embrace the promotion of harmony within the family, school, community, and in essence the world. Students are provided the platform to express their ideas on issues affecting their lives and opportunities to contribute in the development and implementation of our programs and policies. It is our goal to transform youth into powerful advocates for change in their schools and communities as they develop into healthy, informed, and engaged citizens. Our program is governed by the principles of citizenship, social and environmental justice, human rights, equality and diversity.
TODAY’S YOUNG PROFESSIONAL NETWORK Today’s Professional Network is a program designed to enhance the marketability of students as they enter the workforce in entry-level, management, or internship positions. We provide the skills that make our students an invaluable asset to any company, organization, or institution they join. Our program facilitators are well-connected, established industry leaders that serve in a professional mentoring capacity to ensure students hone the following skills and assets: communication skills, analytical/research skills, problem solving skills, multi-tasking capabilities, interpersonal skills, relationship building assets, computer literacy, cultural awareness, and time management/planning skills, to solidify their position in today’s competitive job market. Our activities include summer internship placements, resume workshops, interviewing workshops, start-up business workshops, career counseling, professional training and apprenticeship programs. The overall goal of this program is to collaborate with professional organizations that can be used to help build a network of professional contacts and relationships to encourage professional development and personal growth.
TODAY’S HEALTHY START Today’s Healthy Start provides exciting opportunities for students and their families to participate in activities that engage students in adopting healthy lifestyle choices. We encourage participation in weight management plans, Wii fitness workouts, nutrition education workshops, exercise clubs, and walkathons. Our staff evaluates family medical history to teach students the importance of making healthy choices today that will lead to a better quality of life as adults.
TODAY’S EXPRESSIONS Today’s Expressions program is an artistic celebration of culture and heritage through self expression. This program allows our staff to nurture talent while promoting an environment where students feel comfortable exploring cultural diversity through music, dance, theater, writing, and painting. We are able to gather understanding of how today’s youth view themselves and interact with the world through creative means of expression, and in return learn how to better relate and communicate with this vibrant, colorful group. What's HappeningOur future depends on you.

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