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Mount Madonna School

Mission Statement

We are a community of learners. We support our students to become caring, self-aware and articulate critical thinkers, who are prepared to meet challenges with perseverance, creativity and integrity. We believe that a meaningful life is characterized by personal achievement and the ability to work effectively with others in service to society.

We Value:
  • Academic achievement made visible by a personal commitment to learning that balances both comprehensive understanding and in-depth inquiry in multiple disciplines.
  • The integration of intellectual, emotional, social and creative learning.
  • A learning environment that encourages meaningful relationships based on self-acceptance, empathy, and respectful and honest communication.
  • The transformative power of immersion in the creative process that includes cognitive learning, teamwork, direct experience, reflection and mutual appreciation.
  • A close relationship with nature that inspires experiential learning, a commitment to environmental stewardship and a sense of well-being.


We pursue our mission and values through the integration of Academic Excellence, Creative Self-Expression and Positive Character Development. This integration brings depth, meaning and enthusiasm to learning.

Academic Excellence

We offer a well-rounded academic program that meets the highest standards of college preparedness. Our multi-faceted curriculum is based on the development of:

  • Cognitive learning, including critical reading, writing and speaking skills, scientific and mathematical investigation, research and problem solving.
  • Experiential learning including outdoor education, performances, life labs, service learning, interviews, domestic and international travel.

These learning processes engage students, encouraging curiosity, building self-confidence and supporting the discovery of their gifts and talents.

Creative Self-Expression

We integrate creative arts and academic pursuits with the belief that each enriches the other. Creative self-expression is part of all academic coursework. Experiencing the creative process allows students to overcome perceived limitations and opens the possibility for intuitive intelligence to emerge.

All students study acting, voice, dance, fine arts, creative writing, and participate in performing arts. Our productions illuminate the value of the collaborative process where individual effort and a willingness to sacrifice for the greater whole result in an inspiring and fulfilling experience. The personal benefits of this creative process extend far beyond school into almost every facet of adult life.

Positive Character Development

We recognize that each student’s character is influenced both by the explicit curriculum in our course offerings and the implicit curriculum expressed in the daily life and experience of our school community. In all that we do, we encourage our students to take responsibility, to practice self-discipline, exercise leadership, and to serve and care for one another.

We focus on learning that brings forth thinking and discussions of ethical relevance. We strive to create opportunities for students to engage in open and honest communication through such programs as service learning, student governance, life skills and student guidance. We work closely with families and access a variety of professional resources to encourage a thoughtful exchange of ideas around the many issues that confront youth in our modern society. We encourage older students to mentor and care for younger students through school wide activities including theater productions, buddy programs and athletic events. Our faculty and families are dedicated to positive values such as empathy, honesty, cooperation, fairness and kindness.



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