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Mission Statement

Our aims:

To come together to share personal experiences and the enjoyment of language studying.

To provide learning facilities based on specific needs without necessarily receiving statutory funding.

To reduce costs by sharing our resources.

To encourage those who display a natural aptitude for foreign languages to take advantage of their talents.

To aid those who have chosen a possible career in foreign language learning, teaching or interpreting.

To bring people with the same interest together in a friendly manner.

To maintain an amiable atmosphere between all those involved in foreign languages within the area.

To ensure full awareness to pupils or potential learners of the options available.

To promote awareness of learning systems and resources.

To offer friendly guidance with a flexible and friendly approach.

To ensure the inclusion of all groups and individuals who wish to study languages or contribute to the language studying community.

  • To aid people with communication or sensory impairments to ensure communication is not a barrier.

To combine language learning with other complimentary subject areas, especially Arts, Music, ICT, humanities and business.

  • To promote the study of languages post the age of 14.
  • To offer an outreach service to local schools and colleges enabling advice to be given to students regarding language studies and careers.
  • To make the transition from GCSE to AS/A level easier.


Shropshire Languages Society is a non-profit making organisation in which a team of professionals offer support and guidance on language studies for people of all ages. It promotes foreign languages from an academic, professional and social perspective, organising language and cultural related events, and encouraging one to make further use of their unique skills.



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