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Mission Statement

Our Mission is being part of the village that helps raises children". Making entertainment dreams a reality. providing a source through non-profit status to assist. BLAD is consistent with its mission and strategic goals.


All philanthropy youth will experience becoming professional from with on hand productions. This is what keeps our youth off the streets. Summarizing: BLAD capabilities: the ability to perform with the utmost pride in our Organization; the competence in providing top quality instructors with great experience to teach what each youth needs to learn while they earn. The power to perform with or without funding constitutes BLAD pride...which is to press on with the support of the Regional Tri State Communities to achieve youth academic and safe haven success.
BLAD Agency Target Population Who benefits from the BLAD Agency Programs? The Ohio Regional Community BLAD serves over 1500 youth thru out the Greater Cincinnati
Tri-state area(s) our programs and projects now services age groups of 11 years of age to adults. Our organization descriptions of populations are based on all walks of life including youth with disabilities that are gifted in singing and tutoring skills. BLAD has all ethnic’s races thus special disabilities of human life that participates in all summer/after school entertainment tour shows throughout the regional tri state areas. Our organization unique characteristics of population e.g., youth that battle everyday peer pressure, issues from seeing individuals take drugs on the street, gangs of violence commits crime do Random Killings, Beat up incident Kids who do not want to be in a gangs. Working in Cincinnati Public Schools Food Services for 15 years as a lunchroom manager has grants the proof of these kinds of things inner city youth face every day in life. Kids need somewhere to go to get away from this violence. "A Safe Haven"

BLAD4KIDS grants a choice for all youth anywhere in the regional areas to stay into positive BLAD programs other than to participate in these risky behaviors in our society. Within our analytical focus, YES! Our youth and adults have opportunities to earn while they learn music & job skills, make positive friends, play have fun and interact in a safe well-supervised setting.

BLAD Talent Agency for KIDS Non Profit Organization utilizes other community organizations to influence other funding income opportunities for adolescents, teens and adults that lack basic education. Our Organization joins positive youth leadership together from different walks of life to organize thru United Way connections. Encouraging regional and national organizations to expand volunteer support, BLAD Talent Agency for KIDS Non Profit Organization Agency surveys states that: Youth in tri stare areas wants to enroll professional programs they want to enter but they cannot afford the registration & membership fees. BLAD surveys were based on Musical recording artist & job training programs. Youth like to sing, dance, make positive music videos, learn computers, and operate DJ Equipment. Making clothing for sale and more. Evidence shows that the enrollments of BLAD programs are based upon enrollments for youth to enter. Grades are kept up, Violence is the areas BLAD programs operate in are down, community connections among different walks of life is taking place in neighborhoods by supporting each other.
BLAD Fundraisers pay for show performance equipment, costumes fees to enter competitions for arts and entertainment, maintained audio & video equipment, back to school supplies, transportation and for educational & performance outings.
All BLAD Programs are activated 5 to 7 days per week. This includes Entertainment performances and summertime tour field trips. All Programs activities are full of implication, has concealed meaning and extremely important achievement as to where each kid in BLAD programs operates at a substantial time to developed flawless performances. All BLAD Programs are crucial because all programs must show creditable success in live public and TV show performances. Keeping all kids in our programs at the utmost patience professional level helps us depend on one of our main sources of income donations. Live showcases for our kids in the BLAD Agency programs for the past 5 years has been at an all time low due to no funding, donations and or sponsorships.
WHO Participate in the Activities? Anyone and everyone! The Cincinnati BLAD Agency is open to the entire public. We must publicize our events with our locations pursuing ability. The main source of public community communication is where we hold all of our programs. Being a private organization for kids needing positive activity in urban areas would be senseless.


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