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Mission Statement

As an exotic bird sanctuary, Free Flight's mission is to:

SHELTER unwanted parrots in a safe, enriching, tropical habitat

NURTURE the birds through socialization to ensure quality of life and the possibility of Adoption

EDUCATE the community at large by being a resource center that provides programs for all ages and abilities

ADVOCATE compassion, respect, conservation, knowledge and love of birds

CELEBRATE the human-animal bond in diverse lifelong pursuits


Free Flight is an open sanctuary that takes in unwanted parrots and helps to rehabilitate them, if necessary. This entails providing all the basic needs of the birds, specifically:

1. Housing and shelter

2. Nutrition

3. Exercise

4. Socialization

5. Mental stimulation

6. Grooming

7. Uninterrupted sleep

8. Medical intervention, as needed

The first four items listed use most of our limited resources. Our mornings are focused on cleaning the indoor cage room - dropping tray paper is removed and replaced; food and water bowls are emptied and cleaned with 2 cleaning fluids; the flooring is cleaned and the cage interiors are cleaned of food and toy debris.

The nutrional needs are met by dispensing a balanced diet of seed mix, protein pellets, nuts, fruit and vegetables - dispensed every afternoon.

There is also a social aspect to the sanctuary in that we're open to the public so that they can help socialize our birds. This entails greeting the visitors at the door and giving them basic information about the sanctuary, how to handle the birds and special instructions for children.

We provide chopped fruit and vegetables for visitors to purchase to feed to the birds during the day. This requires our resources to cut up the produce freshly each morning.

Other daily priorities include:

Raking the yard

Sweeping concrete surfaces


Placing Free Flight items on a countertop for the public

Placing water bowls on perches and in cages for the birds outside

Spraying the birds with water on warmer days

Cleaning outdoor bowls with a disinfectant

Docent work for the visitors

Outreach opportunities (ex., schools, senior centers, community events)

Poster placements

Fundraising opportunities

Educational programs for children



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