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Mission Statement

Sister of Saint Francis, Rochester, Minnesota

Our Mission: Led by the Holy Spirit to embrace the Gospel life of continual conversion, through prayer, community and service, in the tradition of Francis, Clare and Mother Alred, we, Rochest Francisean Sisters and Cojouners, commit ourselves to be a compassionate presence for peace in our world, striving for juistice and reverence for all creation.

Assisi Heights has over 135 years of history in the Rochester community. Over 120 Sisters of Saint Francis live here at Assisi Heights and about 40 more out in the community. They established St Mary's hosiptal with Dr. William Mayo in 1889. In 1894 they founded what would become the College of Saint Teresa in Winona, MN. They have been active in teaching, nursing, social services and spirtual care here and many places all over the world.

Franciscan Values: We share a belief in God, reverence for life, concern for the poor, care for the earth and a commitment to justice and peace for all.

Assisi Heights is also a place for Franciscan Sisters to retire, we have long term care, assisted living and independent living. This is considered a private home of the Sisters. The building itself is goreous and the land around us breath taking.


Sisters are active in individual ministries in the areas of: ecology, education, fine arts, health care, hospitality, international missions, therapeutic work, justice and peace, prayer and spiritual guidance, and more. Also have staff positions at Assisi Heights.

We have many programs at Assisi Heights, Independent Sisters work throughout the building in many various roles of taking care of the "house", Assisited Sisters are in need some assistance but still very active, Long Term Care Sisters are in need of more care.

We have many areas where volunteers are welcomed!


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