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Mission Statement

We work to bring equality to women in the arts, media and community. We develop women centered projects that also support women in plays, music, poetry, writing, policy making, or art. We work to present women as artists, community leaders, policy makers in a equal light alongside men.

We want to put emphasis on what a women says rather than how a women may look or how young or old she may be in her role as a artist, policy maker or healer.


We assist artists in breaking away from the bar scene with their music, we find safe venues in communities welcoming new entertainment. We work very hard to offer event pricing at very low tickets prices or free for low income, elderly, handicapped or any other disadvantaged person.

We work to reach out to all types of artists from photographers, painters, potters, knitting, graphic, etc.

We try to fill the communties with a healthy selection of entertainment created by women artists, speakers, writers, poets or healers.

We work to stop the Media distortion of women in the world as only sex objects. We want to stop the Media as they project importance on how short a womens skirt might be or how much bust they may show. We do not want to hear how sexual one of our policy makers might look in her attire. We want to hear what these women have to say about a subject, not how a man may feel about their age or body.

We are not connected to AmeriCorps or Citizen Corps. We cannot seem to remove them from our profile.



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