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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Equal Marriage Florida's purpose is to ensure that ALL Floridians have equal rights under the law to marry the person of their choosing, while protecting the religious freedoms of churches, individuals and faith organizations.


About Us

Equal Marriage Florida is an organization of Floridians who share a desire to give Florida voters an opportunity to take the important question of marriage equality out of the hands of judges and legislators and to decide for themselves how relationships between two people should be treated under the law in our state. We are gay, straight, conservative, liberal, libertarian, independent, Republican and Democrat, but we all agree that the time for fairness has come.

We believe that committed relationships should be treated equally in Florida for all people, including gay and lesbian couples, and that government should not grant greater status to one couple over another. The Equal Marriage Amendment we are sponsoring seeks to remove that discrimination from Florida’s constitution.

Equal Marriage Florida believes religious and cultural freedoms are just as important. Neither the constitution nor the law should impose beliefs about marriage on churches and other faith-based organizations. The proposed Equal Marriage Amendment protects not only the rights of individuals who wish to legally marry, but also grants the same protections to the religious freedoms and beliefs of all. No church should ever be required to perform a marriage that is in conflict with its doctrines.

In the months ahead, Florida residents will have an opportunity to sign a petition to place marriage equality on Florida’s ballot in 2014. Gathering enough signatures to give voters that opportunity will require a great deal of work, and we hope you will join us. Whether it be volunteering, contributing, or simply signing a petition, you can help -- and we sincerely hope you will.

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