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Mission Statement

Ductu Foundation is a voluntary, non-profit making social enterprise (NGO) with mission to promote personal development and socioeconomic empowerment of individuals, institutions, and
communities especially the YOUTH, and underprivileged, for collective development and harmonious evolution.
Our vision is a new generation of up-to-date, intelligent, hardworking and competent persons, with upright values, clear-thinking and practical skills that can help them take their various initiatives to
the next level.


We engage and inspire people to

  • Improve awareness, identity and cultivate decent and upright behavior
  • Develop talents, human capital and potential to facilitate employability and effectiveness
  • Realize their dreams and aspirations
  • Attain mental and emotional wellbeing

We initiate, implement and support developmental projects that,

  • Promote Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Personal Productivity, Civil Social Responsibility, and Cooperative Development,
  • Promote access to information, skills development and learning resources
  • Help to reduce poverty, enhance living conditions and provide help to the needy
  • Provide innovative solutions, to the numerous social issues faced by our people especially youth, girls and underprivileged
  • Socioeconomically empower individuals, institutions and communities

Our Goals

  • Provide customized Orientation, Guidance and Consultancy especially for youth and startups
  • Provide Capacity Building and Training, through seminars, workshops, institutes and partnerships
  • Use sociocultural events, Media and Technology to promote positive ideals and education
  • Initiate, implement and support Socioeconomic/Community Empowerment Projects

Our Values

We believe and stand for universal love, non-violence, tolerance, ecological and sustainable development, global sociocultural integration, honest and fair dealings, better living conditions, equal opportunities and great achievements for people of all genders and backgrounds, individual personal growth, civil social responsibility, and collective evolution

We believe that the destiny of a people is in their hands, so we proudly encourage local, grass-roots involvement in our projects and most of all rely on a network of able volunteers (Friends of Ductu) who contribute energy, skill and passion to facilitate and make sure that our programs are rightly implemented. We also create vital partnerships with good standing organizations, and supporters of our vision



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