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Mission Statement

Indonesia Culture Exploration Inc, is a non-profit organization that strives to extend and protect the borders of imperiled tropical habitats within Indonesia. It is our mission to address the myriad environmental concerns throughout the islands of Indonesia by finding solutions which will alleviate environmental strains in the region.

We believe that in order to achieve this goal, we must educate the world on the diverse cultural backgrounds found throughout Indonesia. By supporting and investing in the cultures of the region, we aim to protect the most valuable asset-- the rainforest.


Explore Indonesia's many diverse cultural groups all while knowing that you are aiding in the fighting chance of tropical forests of Indonesia. All monies that are not distributed out as salaries to locals go back to the forests: purchasing land that used to be jungle and creating secondary forests through restoration jungle projects.

In addition to creating and extending the borders of secondary rain forest we also bid on and purchase primary and secondary growth forests from land owners. The purchases of these lands assist in the expansion and long-term survival of these forests. Culture Exploration also purchases abandoned land from non-sustainable palm oil companies, clear the land, and revitalizes the land into viable rainforest.

Indonesia Culture Exploration presents locals with alternative employment opportunities. A few of the jobs created by ICE are programme instructors, interpreters, homestays, Cultural Culinary Crafters, Jungle Restoration Rangers, and Forest Patrols. With increased job opportunities that focus and highlight their acquired skills and talents we will be able to create a greater influx of job sourcing for local "Jungle People." We provide income to families that otherwise would either not have an income or will work for unsustainable palm oil and logging companies because jobs are limited. In addition to creating job competition and options with the increase of income we are ensuring that families and individuals have less of an incentive to enter into the rainforest and collect and take resources that can already be found in market.

Indonesians have proven to Culture Exploration that if there is an income they are more than willing to spend their money in market rather than take from the forest. Thus, Indonesia Culture Exploration is ensuring the survival of flora and fauna species in the forest from being added to the growing list of endangered species extinction.

Your support of Indonesia Culture Exploration ensures there is forest for tomorrow.

Explore Indonesia while preserving, reviving and extending forest areas.



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