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Mission Statement

Music for underprivileged youth to keep them away from gangs & drugs. Using music to free the youth from abuse, drugs, and gangs. Changing the world one child at a time through love of music.


In the Western Cape area of South Africa there is a large concentration of disadvantaged communities, commonly referred to as the Cape Flats, Due to economic and social challenges within these communities these young children are often left to entertain themselves on a daily basis. These areas do not offer children any organized, supervised youth program activities and are known as breeding grounds for young gangsters and gang violence. Our goal is to bring music to these children and to take them off the streets.

Our plan is to raise money to buy a trailer so we can reach out to different venues and provide these children with this much needed outlet of energy and entertainment, using our combined experience we will provide training and mentoring to teach them skills. This will not just provide budding "Musos" with a platform to learn and hone their skills, but will provide free entertainment for a fair sized spectator base, bringing the community together and creating stability in these areas. This is not a talent search, this is a betterment initiative.

While we are not naive enough to believe that we will be able to stop all the crime, we believe that every child that we stop from entering the dark self-destructive abyss of substance abuse, gangs and youth pregnancies is a major victory.

We have been encouraged by other projects success and how this has improved the lives of children and influenced entire communities, and we believe our project can also succeed!

Can you imagine the impact this will have on these communities?



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