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Mission Statement

At Cake4Kids we deliver smiles to foster children and at risk youth by baking and delivering birthday cakes for them. We aim to show them love and raise their self esteem with this seemingly simple gift on their special day. Cake4Kids Delivering smiles - one birthday cake at a time


Has the thought of a child without a birthday cake ever crossed your mind?

For most of us, it hasn't. Sadly, it's all too common of an occurrence for foster kids and at-risk youth. At Cake4Kids, we bake and deliver custom, personalized birthday cakes, cupcakes, and cookies to raise these children's self-esteem and confidence with this seemingly simple gift on their special day. In a world where every day is focused on survival, the little things that make children feel important are simply not possible. It may just be a cake to us, but to the children we bake for it's knowing that someone took the time and effort to do something special, just for them.

We proudly support underserved children and youth in counties in California, Illinois, Kentucky, Virginia, and D.C. -- they might be in group homes, at a domestic violence or human trafficking shelter, in low income housing or even homeless.

It's easy and very rewarding to volunteer with Cake4Kids. So get out your baking pans and help us make a difference!

Please note: We are very serious about the quality of the cakes we bake for the children we serve. For that reason, if a child would like to volunteer, they must be at least 16. We also require a proof of age and will ask to see proof at the orientation session. If under 18 years of age, please supply parent/guardian's name, email and phone number, and their driver's license and insurance details.


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