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Mission Statement

Tutorpedia Foundation Mission:

To provide high-quality personalized tutoring and related educational services to under-resourced students.

Tutorpedia Foundation Vision:

One day, all students - regardless of socioeconomic status - will graduate high school with the desire to become lifelong learners, and have the skills to succeed in college and beyond. Through TF’s personalized education programs, students will:

  • Improve their academic achievement,
  • Improve their self-efficacy,
  • Increase their confidence, and
  • Increase their intrinsic motivation and love of learning.

Tutorpedia Foundation Values:

  • Personalization: One size does not fit all.
  • Lifelong Learning: Intrinsic motivation to seek out real, relevant, and rigorous learning opportunities.
  • Collaboration: Built on relationships.
  • Community: It takes a village.
  • Independence: we value the ability of students, tutors, and staff to reach their full potential given room to grow.


Tutorpedia Foundation was founded in 2009 by two former high school teachers, Seth Linden and David Taus. Tutorpedia Foundation believes that education needs to be more personal, and that this is especially true for under-resourced students.

Tutoring and academic mentoring is a powerful tool that is the most effective way for students to learn. When we provide a personalized education experience to students who couldn't otherwise afford it, we make giant steps towards closing the Achievement Gap, graduating more students from high school, and preparing more students for college and beyond. In this way, the personalized approach to education promotes equity and social justice. Moreover, because Tutorpedia Foundation's programs are embedded in our partner schools' and nonprofits' existing programs, our work has the added bonus of making existing programs and services more effective.

Tutorpedia Foundation carefully matches students (grades 6-12) with their own tutor, Tutoring is always student-centered and individualized, and addresses both academic content and the often hidden skills that are necessary for students to be successful in school.

Central to the Foundation's work is the emphasis on a collaborative relationship between student and tutor. Tutors conduct assessments of their students, combine assessments with grades and anecdotal evidence from teachers and parents/guardians to determine areas of specific need, and then set measurable goals in response to those needs. In addition to direct work on academic and test preparation, tutors work with students on cultivating skills and habits of mind that will generalize to all areas of a student's life, such as organizational strategies, critical thinking, problem solving, and time management.



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