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Mission Statement

The goal of Tobacco Free Dane County Coalition is to reduce disease, disability, and death related to tobacco use in Dane County by:

Preventing the initiation of tobacco use among young people;

Promoting quitting among young people and adults;

Eliminating involuntary exposure to secondhand smoke among children and adults; and

Identifying and eliminating tobacco-related health disparities.


Program components and activities of Tobacco Free Dane County include:

Youth Prevention

Collaborate with school programs to include tobacco-free policies, evidence-based curricula, teacher training, parental involvement, and cessation services;

Pass and enforce laws that restrict tobacco sales to minors;

Link school-based efforts with local community coalitions and statewide counter-advertising programs;

Promote youth leadership skill development, such as media advocacy, by participation in community tobacco control activities; and

Foster a change in social norms and attitudes toward tobacco and the industry that promotes and distributes it.

Tobacco Cessation

Promote and support comprehensive tobacco prevention and control efforts on university and college campuses, including counter-marketing, cessation services, social norm campaigns, and smoke-free dorm and facility initiatives;

Provide tobacco cessation resources and referrals to residents interested in quitting; and

Develop and implement community education, outreach and awareness programs to promote the Wisconsin QuitLine and other local tobacco cessation resources.

Secondhand Smoke Education

Promote and support smoke-free environments at all locations accessible by the public;

Promote and support the economic and health benefits of smoke-free workplaces;

Support community education programs that promote smoke-free home environments;

Implement community interventions that link tobacco control interventions with cardiovascular disease prevention; and

Develop counter-marketing to increase awareness of environmental tobacco smoke as a trigger for asthma.



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