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Mission Statement

Whale of a Time is promoting Community and Environmental Wellbeing, Nature Conservation and Earth Community Values

Community and Environmental Wellbeing

There has never been a more urgent time to elevate our consciousness. Especially in times of social and environmental change people need to be able to re-connect with their Earth. We are connected in the web of life and all life in Earth has inherent rights to life. Community wellbeing is intrinsically interlinked with a healthy ecosystem. Our vision is to support community and environmental wellbeing for a sustainable society living in harmony with our planet.

Nature Conservation

Biodiversity is fundamental for life on Earth. Many species have been perceived as endangered because of hunting, habitat loss, deforestation and degradation, chemical and noise pollution, global climate change, unmonitored by-catches, poaching, pirating, accidents and disturbance. We need to think of ways in which we can change our attitude and behaviours, enforce laws and regulate access to fragile ecosystems for the greater benefit of the Earth as a living organism.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

Whale of a Time is devoted to maintain peace, freedom and respect for all life forms and to live in harmony and peace with each other and all living beings on Earth. Our primary objective is to empower individuals to create change within our society through their own passion and motivation. Your actions in effect lead to influence government policy makers and corporations via public demand giving rise to policy change.

Earth Community Values

We promote individuals, organisations or companies that support the values of protecting and preserving the Earth and the whole of the Earth Community, including indigenous communities, ocean and rainforest communities, such as whale societies and orangutan communities, natural habitats and ecosystems and all that is alive.


The Whale of a Time Workshop is an educational, therapeutic, hands-on and fun activity, where young and old are able to model whales and other endangered species out of clay, and at the same time nurture creative skills, confidence and team bonding whilst raising awareness and learning about the environment, biodiversity and sustainability and having a whale of a time!



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by Irene S. from GB (Administrator for this Organization) (2013-08-30 15:43:11.0)
I'm having a whale of a time! :)