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Mission Statement

1. Brotherly love, relief and truth. 2. Knowledge of science, the beauty of art and spirituality. 3. The children who find a way in our community will be raised to turn back Into society to be acknowledged as a strong centered person. G.Y.R.C. mission provides support and services in such areas as vocational training, health education, recreation, cultural tolerance, environmental awareness, and the development of leadership, conflict desolution, and decision-making skills. G.Y.R.C. works to increase global awareness of children and youth issues, strengthen the organizational skills of youth program leaders, and promote greater knowledge and application of best practices for young people. The net aim of these efforts is to increase the effectiveness, scale, and sustainability of proven approaches to meeting young people's needs. Our Center is taking them a step further in live. After many years of suffering they finally found a place who is willing to let them grow. We pick them up from all over the country. May their send from other organizations. They decide to join us. We support them with a home and a living concept. Mental-, Spiritual-, Physical education will give them the strength to go on with their lives. When they decide to leave they are fully prepared. Environment-, Cultural protection and awareness. They grow up in a village. They are part of a community. They are not separated in an Institution. They learn to support their group and the natural environments. EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO CALL A PLACE A HOME! G.Y.R.C. mission is to set up Youth education centre in Guatemala.


We see us as Social Entrepreneurs G.Y.R.C. sees opportunities where others see problems and crises. G.Y.R.C. apply innovative solutions to social and environmental issues, empowering people and communities to envision and create positive change. Social Entrepreneurs work in many kinds of organizations --nonprofits, social purpose ventures such as community development banks, and hybrid organizations that mix elements of nonprofit and for-profit organizations. G.Y.R.C. believes that social entrepreneurs represent a powerful force for systemic social change. Our work has the potential to reduce economic disparities, increase opportunities for the disadvantaged, promote healthy communities and increase the interpersonal and intercultural understanding that is the foundation for world peace. G.Y.R.C. believes youth is a critical component to enabling and creating change. G.Y.R.C. aims to harness this power amongst youth into action and help build the entrepreneurial capacity of youth the world over. Before a child is able to build up a strong foundation for life, it needs guardians of people who are able to give love for a prospering process. Troubled Youth need a place of ownership and these is where we are starting to act. Ownership and family relation and a home to come back to. The children we are talking about are these, who lost this fundamental needs of a human being. We got two main fields we are concentrating on: 1. Get a Family prepared to adopt a child in Guatemala and support the process. 2. Set up and running of a Center System where 10 Teenager are always be able to find a home and a better livelihood because of the lack of an own family. These two fundamental fields are currently ready to set up. To spread out these information and opportunity in investment into the Youth of Guatemala is one outcome out of the G.Y.R.C. program.



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