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Mission Statement

PAWS New England is a non-profit volunteer rescue organization that saves dogs from high kill shelters and abusive environments from around the country and relocates them to new homes New England. Our multi state operational network is composed of shelter workers, veterinarians, trainers, USDA licensed transporters, foster homes, and volunteers that assist with marketing adoption placements, fundraising, marketing, and adoption events. Our core focus is to liberate the dogs from hopeless situations giving them sanctuary, needed medical treatment, socialization and training that will result in a successful adoption. With the assistance of many talented volunteers and partners, we have also been able to champion public education on the absolute need to spay and neuter as well as continuing canine health and training topics. PAWS has no paid employees and receives no government funding. Our organization relies exclusively on the generosity of our donors and non profit grants.


PAWS has two main rescue focuses: Tipton County Animal Control in Brighton, TN and rehoming dogs from Oran, Missouri with the help of rescue legend Julie Adams. Tipton County Animal Control (TCAC) has a euthanasia rate of 85% due to pet overpopulation, a small numbers of local adoptions, and limited space. Nearly nine out of ten dogs that enter that shelter never leave. Our goal is to ensure that every dog that is taken to this high kill shelter has a chance at life. Priority is given to dogs that are "less adoptable" and unlikely to be adopted or rescued by another group. This includes the seniors, the sick and injured, the behaviorally challenging, the victims of neglect and abuse, and the bully breed dogs.

In Oran, Missouri there is no municipal animal shelter. Animals who are no longer wanted are either shot by their owners or abandoned on the side of the road. Julie Adams is a private citizen who could not stand to watch animals suffer and started opening up her farm to the many strays and abandoned animals in her city. Her farm has developed into a sanctuary for dogs and cats in her area. Sadly, although the highway department and town officials constantly recruit her help and bring her multiple sick and injured animals, the city provides her with no funding. Julie has taken matters into her own hands and has forged a number of partnerships with rescue groups all over the country. PAWS New England is her primary partner and we fund the veterinary care and feeding costs associated with all the animals on her property. Julie’s remarkable story was recently featured in the HBO Documentary, "One Nation Under Dog."

PAWS is founded on the belief that all animals deserve respect and dignity and that pets enrich our lives. PAWS is able to relocate dogs from the South to New England because the Northeast has had much greater success combating pet overpopulation through well funded spay and neuter programs, a lower incidence of cruelty towards animals, and a cultural belief that animals are respected family members. PAWS was founded in 2006 and has rescued over 5,500 dogs since our inception. We have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success and have overcome a variety of challenges that has strengthened not only our dedication to improving the lives of as many dogs, but learning how to best support the amazing families that adopt them.



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by Peter d. (September 20, 2015)
My experience with PNE: Mostly good in communication if a bit slow and disjointed. One month into it I was told on Thursday that my dog would be in Hartford, Ct. on sat. morning. It came out of the blue. Happily as Hartford is 6 hours away someone from PNE contacted me and said they were picking up a dog there and would drive part way to meet me. The dog: I contacted the woman fostering the two year old dog in TX and she said that she was a sweetheart if a bit shy. She was right on both counts, she's a fantastic dog. I got her three months ago and if company came in she'd run and hide. Last night I had a houseful of old friends and it was loud. The dog went from one to the next. I worked hard and patiently with her and in two weeks she was off leash and hasn't been on one since. She owns the house, the six acres and the stream that runs through it. We're in the woods constantly and she's just a kind, gentle joy.