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International Language Programs has a three fold mission: 1. Help children receive the best language education possible 2. Bless the lives of the families and communities of the children through cultural exchange 3. Provide an opportunity for teachers to have a great international experience while contributing to the local community


International Language Programs (ILP) is a non-profit, volunteer service organization based in Provo, UT. ILP volunteers maintain high moral standards. Particular religious affiliation is not a requirement for participation but a commitment to live by the ILP Code of Conduct is. Since 1992 ILP has successfully taught English to children around the world. ILP provides nearly 400 volunteer and paid teachers each year for private and public schools worldwide. Approximately 7,500 children participate in our program in 16 schools in Russia, Taiwan, China, Ukraine, Mexico, and the U.S. With ILP children learn English in an environment of love and excitement. In approximately 500 hours of instruction (one school year) in an ILP beginning program, children become functionally fluent in English. After graduating from the beginning program, children continue to develop their comprehension and speaking skills. The second year is designed to help the students maintain their fluency while developing essential basic reading and writing skills. Following completion of that level, the Elementary program takes children to a higher level of fluency, achieving peer-level competency. Children study from textbooks and use curriculum currently used in American schools. The students learn to speak about subjects such as science, math, social studies, and literature. Having completed the follow-up program, children are able to learn with equal competency in classes taught in either English or their native language.


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by Brian F. (August 31, 2015)
Terrible business. took forever to process my visa information and was too late for my schedule. then after they messed up and i couldn't continue with them they charged me a $600 withdrawal fee. never go with them.
by Holly S. (December 28, 2009)
I have no reservations in recommending ILP to anyone and everyone. I had been looking for some sort of study or service abroad opportunity but they were all so expensive. ILP is affordable and offers the best of all worlds because I was able to serve, learn and travel. My best friends are girls that I met while teaching in Russia and Ukraine. I learned a lot about myself and the world and travelling that I don't feel I could have any other way. There is a lot of independence with the program, but plenty of assistance and support from the directors and coordinators. I loved every part of my ILP experience and hope to volunteer with them again soon!
by Jessica B. (December 21, 2009)
Serving with this program was truly an amazing experience! It was a challenge and one that I learned more from than from all my years in school. I went to China two semesters back to back and hope to go again soon. Finding myself in a situation totally foreign to anything I had ever experienced taught me who I really was. I learned so much about love, life, work, sadness, happiness, and true friendship from the people I interacted with on this program. I learned to rely on people and serve people without hesitation. I learned to let go and just make the most out of life. Leaving was a heart-breaking experience but more that worth it. I would recommend this program to everyone. If you're looking for an experience that will change how you live and how you look at the world for the rest of your life, ILP is for you. I wouldn't give up my experience with ILP for anything.
by Kambria R. (December 21, 2009)
My time in Ukraine with ILP had a big affect on me. I saw TONS, gained amazing friends, & experienced growth I didnt know was possible. I traveled to Prague, Germany, Poland, the Crimean Peninsula & Odecca, UA. I've always been interested in history but don't know much about Eastern Europe. These vacations as well as all of the sites in beautiful Kiev opened my eyes to how big, complex & truly amazing our world is. Being there wasn't always easy though. It's not as glamorous as it sounds & being immersed in a foreign language & culture really takes time & a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. I was grateful ILP sent me over with people who have the same standards & who were as excited for adventure as I was. Teaching was also a challenge even though we had training from ILP. It wasn't perfectly organized but the head teacher and native coordinator were helpful. Also it made me develop strong work habits & problem solving skills. The greatest lesson though was from my kids: LOVE MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE
by AnnaMarie J. (December 21, 2009)
Volunteering with ILP has been one of the best choices I've ever made. I first spent a semester in Ukraine, and then I was infected with the service and travel bug and went to China. Now I plan to do it again in the future with my husband! There are so many things I loved about my experiences, I don't even know where to begin. The program has high standards, so I felt comfortable and safe the whole time. I interacted with a new culture, and learned their language! I got travel to amazing places in the world. I developed a bond with the kids I taught that I will always be grateful for, and I learned so much about myself! The program is really affordable, which is why I was able to do it twice. It was just such a unique opportunity to get out of my shell and serve. ILP will always be an important part of my life
by Debbie M. (December 18, 2009)
My experience volunteering with ILP was nothing short of incredible. I have volunteered with ILP two times for a total of 10 months abroad. Both experiences were life changing. I was able to live in China like a native not a tourist. However I still had the chance to travel all over China and see some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I visited the great wall, the Terracotta warriors, Hong Kong, I saw the Panda's in Chungdu and so many other places I can’t even name them all. But more then anything I will remember my experience because of the people I came to love. I have never seen love given as freely as it was given to me by the Chinese people. I experienced a new way to live and love and I will cherish that always.
by Sarah S. (December 18, 2009)
I volunteered with ILP first when I was 20 and the experience changed my life so much that I went back on the program three more times. Most recently I came home from a semester in Kiev Ukraine. I made some of the best friendships in my life, developed a deeper love for people from all walks of life, discovered hidden talents, experienced new cultures and explored the world while I was on ILP. And the best part of all was the opportunity I had to learn to love and be loved by beautiful Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian children. The relationships I formed with those kids impacted me so much. Especially with one of my students, Andy. Even if I never have the chance to see him again I will always remember and love him in a way that can only really be developed as you give your heart in selfless service. I would recommend ILP to anyone! It was the best four months of my life, four times!

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