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Mission Statement

The Pet Project for Pets, Inc. (The Pet Project) is a nonprofit organization that serves the needs of low-income pet owners who are living with AIDS or terminal or disabling conditions and illnesses. The Pet Project offers comprehensive services designed to enable our clients to keep their animal companions. Services include an animal food bank, subsidized veterinary care, dog walking, litter box maintenance, grooming, foster care and adoption when necessary. In addition to direct client services, Pet Project plays a large role in educating the medical and veterinary communities about the benefits and risks of animal companionship for people with AIDS or terminal or disabling conditions and illnesses By helping them keep their much loved pets, we hope to improve the quality of life of those living with AIDS and other terminal or disabling conditions and illnesses.


Due to the intense physical and financial burdens faced by people life threatening or severely disabling diseases, many would be unable to keep, feed and care for their "friends," without our help. By lending a hand with the care and maintenance of our clientsâ animal companions, THE PET PROJECT promotes and preserves the human/animal bond, empowering clients to keep and care for their animal companions and to enjoy their company and enabling clients to enjoy the medical and emotional benefits that their animal companions provide.

We will accomplish this by providing the following services, to individuals living with a terminal illness in Broward county, by providing:

  • A food bank of low cost pet food, and home delivery of pet food for clients with limited mobility.
  • Discounted and/or low cost basic veterinary services.
  • Pet transportation to the vet for clients with limited mobility or no means of transportation.
  • Outreach to inform the public, service organizations, and potential clients of our services.
  • Access to health education and information on zoonoses (diseases transmitted from animals to humans).
  • Temporary foster care to companion animals of clients who need to go into the hospital.
  • Adoption for companion animals of clients who we have ascertained have no resources of their own.
  • Volunteers to exercise pets for clients whose health prevents their caring for their animals in this way.
  • Cage, tank and litter box cleaning and other hygienic assistance for clients whose health requires it.

We started with the food bank and vaccination services, and hope to expand to the full range of proposed services as soon as we have the funds and manpower available for it. We also have expanded to satellite services in Miami/Dade county, and are in the process of planning to expand to West Palm Beach county.



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