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Mission Statement

EdPowerment believes that the starting point to improving the quality of life in any impoverished community is education. An educated child changes his or her family; an educated family benefits the community; an educated community uplifts a society. To set off this chain of events, EdPowerment closely administers several integrated programs that serve vulnerable and disabled adolescents and teenagers in the villages outside of Moshi, Tanzania. We focus on youth from the ages of 13 to 18 and the intellectually disabled because both are at-risk populations whose lives can be altered dramatically by immediate and effective learning-based intervention.


EdPowerment's hands-on programs bring educational opportunities to otherwise neglected adolescents and young adults through three avenues - the Kilimahewa Community-Based Educational Center; Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorship Program; and ACT (Autism Connects Tanzania), an educational and advocacy outreach for the intellectually disabled and their families. We supplement these three initiatives with targeted support for the community at large.

EdPowerment is led by a group of educators who volunteered in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania and subsequently joined forces to continue their service to youth who have been excluded from formal learning including government schools. Since 2010, EdPowerment has facilitated the growth of the Kilimahewa Educational Center into a dynamic community haven for secondary level and practical skills instruction. At the same time, EdPowerment has recognized more academically capable and motivated teens and offered them sponsorships in its Tomorrow's Scholar-Leader long-term sponsorship program that commits support from secondary school through higher or vocational education to employment. Tapping the special needs background of some of EdPowerment's founders, the third major part of the foundation's work is an advocacy program called ACT (Autism Connects Tanzania). This outreach brings together professionals and guardians who work with the intellectually disabled in order to advance the services offered this population in what too often remains a hostile environment.

In order to improve overall conditions of the poorest families in the villages where we operate, EdPowerment will reach out, when financially possible, to offer broader support such as the solar-powered Kilimahewa Water Project completed in 2011.

EdPowerment is a small, personalized educational outreach program that directly impacts disenfranchised and disabled youth with no other source of financial, and oftentimes, emotional support.


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