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Mission Statement

The Fever Relief Fund (FRF) provides educational and athletic programs geared towards nurturing excellence, building essential values and developing leadership potential among the youth in developing countries.


Looking for Volunteers for Shipment of Medical Supplies

More than $15 billion worth of medical supplies are discarded each year in the United States. At the same time, less fortunate countries are in desperate need of medical supplies. Fever Relief Fund closes this health care gap by connecting those who have with those who hope. We procure medical and surgical supplies and equipment (crutches, wheelchairs, scalpels, syringes, gloves, antibiotics, beds, exam tables etc.) and deliver them to health care providers in Ghana West Africa.

In 2013, Fever Relief Fund will be making 17 shipments of medical supplies and equipment to 10 Government hospitals in Ghana W. Africa. These donated articles are of immeasurable assistance to Fever Relief Fund health care programs overseas, often making the difference between continuing or closing. Fever Relief Fund goal is to raise $346,000 for the shipping program.

Fever Relief Fund volunteers will gather, sort, repair, catalog, pack and ship items ranging from needles, syringes and bandages to incubators, computers, ultra sound and operating tables as donations to 10 hospitals. The cost of sending one 8 by 8 by 40 foot container is approximately $40,000. Many suitcases filled with medical supplies for mission teams will be packed as well.

The shipments and suitcases cannot go out without your help! We are looking forward to hearing from you. In case you have any questions you can contact us at the numbers given on the form enclosed. Thank you for being our partner in the past and hopefully you will continue to support us in this endeavor. Please visit our website: www.feverrelieffund.org or call us at (480) 544-7008 for more information.



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