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Mission Statement

LiteracyToday pays teens to mentor younger students. We are multi-cultural and committed to empowering youth to achieve their best, by creating jobs for teens to mentor younger students. We believe that youth listen to their peers or older siblings, and seek to help teens develop self-esteem and confidence, as role models. Teens who maintain at least a C average, are paid as W-2's on an hourly basis, in a supervised after school program. Life skills, teamwork and communication skills are promoted in a caring and nurturing environment. We seek volunteers as advisors in web design, and business skills. Our goal is to create an ongoing mentoring culture in the public schools.


As a multi-ethnic, minority run organization, we seek Board recruitment among individuals, corporations, and foundations to help us grow our outreach. We seek help in our Web Site design, upkeep and maintenance at literacytoday.com. Fundraising is important because as a charity, we are dependent on public funding. The more funds we have, the more kids we can help. Founded in 2003, LiteracyToday mentoring programs have been established by Michael Grossman in Newark, Atlantic City and Camden, helping 100's of kids. We hope to expand into more American communities with a flexible approach that supports existing public school curriculum. We celebrate community rights by highlighting those who have helped others in local communities. We are advocates of public service, and personal accountability. The kids get paid for the hours they work. The teen mentors must produce progress reports of their mentees, maintain regular work schedules and most importantly, learn teamwork skills. LiteracyToday has developed new training workshops that encourage kids to read, by helping each other learn in areas of health, literacy, mathematics, science, social work, arts and culture.



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