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Mission Statement

Community Builders' mission is to educate, inform and inspire greater community involvement through new and innovative strategies.


Community Builders coordinates five main projects- Community Builders Fellowships, Project Volunteer, Trainings for Volunteer Management, Volunteer Recognition through the Community Builders' Unsung Heros awards and the Conference on Volunteerism.

Please read below for all the details:

Fellowships are awards for people who have creative ideas about how to get others involved to build stronger people and places in in North Central Massachusetts (view Community Builders service area). We are looking for elders, students, neighbors, parents, business people, caregivers...anyone who says that's me! to these three criteria:

  1. You have an idea that will get something done
  2. You are committed to your plan to build community involvement and action
  3. You are following your passion and will inspire others to join you in making positive change in our area

If you are selected to receive a Community Builders Fellowship, you will receive a cash award to turn your plan into action. The average Fellowship ranges from $500 to $3000. Requests for larger amount will be considered.

Community Builders' Project Volunteer builds community involvement through increased awareness, training, and connections between individuals and organizations in North Central Massachusetts.

Specifically, Project Volunteer:

  • Establishes a sustainable method for connecting volunteers to opportunities
  • Promotes and celebrates the benefits created by volunteers
  • Increases the depth and scope of volunteerism by building the capacity to manage and retain volunteers
  • Learns about the unmet needs of non-profits and volunteers to create an agenda for community action
Volunteer Management Training Series: A Six-Part Session To Build Your Volunteer Base

Designed for: Volunteer coordinators - Human resources personnel - Board members - Volunteers in leadership positions

Session 1: Understanding Volunteering
  • Identify the elements of a volunteer program.
  • Describe the characteristics of organizations that successfully engage volunteers.
  • Identify current trends in volunteering and identify how people are volunteering in America.
  • Identify three social motivators and how they can motivate volunteers.
Session 2: Planning an Effective Volunteer Program
  • Identify different methods of conducting needs assessments.
  • Write a purpose statement for your volunteer program.
  • Determine appropriate roles for volunteers.
  • Identify the key elements to include in a volunteer program budget.
Session 3: Recruiting and Placing Volunteers
  • Learn the steps to effectively recruit and place volunteers.
  • Develop your ability to apply the steps to recruiting and placing volunteers.
  • Plan how to improve volunteer recruitment and placement.
Session 4: Orienting and Training Volunteers
  • Increase knowledge of the steps in training volunteers to perform their services effectively and enjoyably.
  • Increase knowledge, skills, and comfort in planning training for volunteers.
  • Develop plans for improving volunteer training.
Session 5: Supervising Volunteers
  • Increase knowledge of the steps to supervise volunteers.
  • Increase ability to design and use strategies for volunteer supervision.
  • Develop next steps to improving volunteer supervision.
Evaluating Your Volunteer Program - Increase knowledge of the steps to evaluating a volunteer program.
  • Increase ability to plan how to evaluate a volunteer program.
  • Develop next steps for improving current evaluation of volunteer program.

Throughout the year there are Network luncheons for members of the Community and Volunteer Coordinators to get together and discuss issues such as:

Diversity in Recruitment and Retention, Grant Research at the Institute for Nonprofit Development, Meeting the Needs of Volunteer Programs in North Central MA, Marketing Your Volunteer Opportunities, Marketing Volunteer Opportunities Online, Community Builders Fellowships-Volunteers Make A Difference.

Community Builders Unsung Heroes Volunteer Recognition

Our hope is to give credit to those who have never sought the spotlight and who have made our cities and towns better places to work and live.



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