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Mission Statement

The mission of N.S.E.A.M is to provide essential health and social services to seniors in Tarrant communities to enrich their quality of life, enable them to stay in their homes and avoid premature nursing home placement.


The NSEAM Program was established in Forth Worth in 1996 when local communities became deeply frustrated with the disjointed nature of services available for older adults. Community residents came together to discuss the needs of their older neighbors. What emerged was a unique non-profit program model that coordinates volunteers and health professionals from a community to help their older neighbors stay in their own homes.

People living or working closely in the community carry out leadership, planning and implementation . A community board assumes the leadership role, taking action and devising solutions. Concerned local citizens organize a network unique to their community under the structure of a 501(c)(3) corporation. The NSEAM program uses professionals and volunteers who live or work closely with the community to provide the information, support and care that older people need to remain in their own homes. The principle of neighbors helping neighbors is central where consent, caring and mutual respect are the basis for all relationships. The use of expensive acute services is reduced while people remain healthier longer, continue to live at home and participate in the economies of their communities. The receipt of appropriate assistance from the family members and neighbors of NSEAM seniors lessens the probability of caregiver burnout and premature institutionalization.
All available services are used as fully as possible in a coordinated way. Because many older persons and their families simply do not know how to accomplish this, NSEAM establishes trusted connections with older persons to provide this critical support and care coordination. To avoid duplicating services available from other organizations and agencies, NSEAM locates, links and collaborates to provide those services based upon the individual needs of participants. The NSEAM staff manages thousands of volunteer hours as a corps of neighborhood volunteers provides services that fill â gapsâ in the current social service structures (such as friendly visits, transportation, grocery shopping, telephone calls, minor home repair, household chore services and/or linking to community resources).

· To strengthen the communityâ s ability to care for their older adults
· To help older adults live as independently as possible in their homes
· To increase awareness about the program to seniors and community
· To assess and enroll seniors in the NSEAM program
· To recruit and train volunteers to deliver services to older adults

· To provide basic services through volunteers such as telephone calls, friendly visits, shopping assistance, minor home repair, yard work and linking older adults to existing services.

There are numerous gaps in resources and potential barriers to improving the health status of older adults in the city of Fort Worth. One major concern is that there are many unrecognized needs in every community because individuals slowly slip out of regular daily activities and, too often, no one takes the time to help the individual connect to available community resources, encourage them to see the doctor or offer them ways to stay active in their community.

NSEAM aids in achieving the City Councilâ s goal to revitalize central city neighborhoods and commercial districts. Through efforts of the programâ s staff and volunteers, NSEAM seniors have a much higher likelihood of remaining not only in their homes, but also an active part of the community. As a result, they continue to pay taxes and utilities and patronize local businesses. Furthermore, when seniors remain in their homes, their residences are much less likely to fall victim to disrepair or gang/drug activity.



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