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Mission Statement


To create powerful opportunities for 50-plus adults to meet society's greatest challenges.

Vision 50-plus adults in service to children are an integral part of the education strategy across America. Through this generational exchange, children succeed, 50-plus adults thrive and communities are made stronger. Strategic Focus To engage 50-plus adults as tutors and mentors to produce outstanding literacy results for children in grades K-3. Ahead of the Curve Our work today lays the groundwork for the millions of boomers who will look for purposeful opportunities today and tomorrow. We offer:

  • A new model of community engagement that values and leverages the experience and leadership of people over 50
  • Measurable results to demonstrate our success
  • A learning laboratory to study and strengthen our model
  • A commitment to publish research findings to help expand opportunities for boomers to serve.


The Challenge

In 2011, 82 percent of fourth-graders in Chicago Public Schools failed to reach the "proficient" level in reading. This represents thousands and thousands of students who are missing out on one of the most critical building blocks for long-term academic success.

An Opportunity

AARP Experience Corps is a proven program made up of volunteers 50 and older who are dedicated to helping children become great readers before they finish the third grade.

At AARP Experience Corps, we believe every child has the right to learn to read fluently and to reap the joys and opportunities that literacy provides. Our evidence-based tutoring and mentoring program guides children in kindergarten through third grade on the path to reading proficiently and confidently.

How You Can Help

In the fall of 2013, AARP Experience Corps will launch its award-winning program in 15 Chicago public schools, serving thousands of children who are most in need of reading support from a caring older adult.

You can help these students become strong lifelong readers by:

Volunteering in schools. Give a child a year of your time - you’ll get back more than you can imagine. You need only have a high school diploma or GED and an ability to commit at least four hours per week during the school year. We provide the training and we're recruiting now.

Making a donation. Not everyone can give a full school year to our children, but you can donate any amount to help donate any amount to further our mission in Chicago.

Help us launch in Chicago

Join us for an informational meeting to learn about AARP Experience Corps and to discuss how we can build stronger neighborhoods together.

Please contact Simone McCrary at 312-660-8656 or smccrary@aarp.org for more information.



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