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Mission Statement

The mission of SciCentr.org is to draw youth into learning about science, engineering, mathematics, and technology through the appeal of online multi-user computer game environments. Our goals are to both motivate them to pursue pathways to higher education and to build their basic technology literacy and workplace skills.


SciCentr Vision: George Jetson meets the 1939 Worlds Fair: a landscape-scale universe of virtual science galleries, demonstrations, and games.

What we do:
  • Engage teens, especially those in underserved and minority communities, in STEM learning through the social and playful medium of online multi-user virtual worlds.
  • Support educators learning to incorporate this medium and program content into both extracurricular and classroom learning experiences. Provide undergraduates with a meaningful service learning experience. Introduce all participants to essential tools and skills for the digital workplace.


We are bringing the Mountain to Mohammed, creating engaging content within the context on online gaming that has become an integral part of the culture of young Americans, regardless of socio-economic status. SciCentr exhibits feature current research at Cornell and beyond linked to standard-based content that insures that we meet our goals of building basic science literacy. SciFair programs provide structured participation in a collaborative environment and build technology literacy for the digital workplace.

  • Prepare students to think critically about science and technology within and beyond the classroom context through laboratory and fieldtrip experiences based on interactive, open-ended simulations and through situated learning games.
  • Increase motivation to pursue STEM learning and to acquire technical skills for education and workplace through a structured and supportive social model.
  • Build math and language arts skills through communication, presentation, and challenge exercises.

  • Science Literacy: "winning" a game, achieving the desired outcome from a simulation, contributing salient arguments based on content from an exhibit to a debate.
  • Teamwork Skills: Evidence of group planning, problem analysis, leadership and supportive behaviors.
  • FITness: Exercise and mastery of digital communication technologies and behavioral norms ranging from proper use of netiquette and standard digital communication technologies. Effective use of simulation and data-base systems.
  • Integrated Language Arts and Math Mastery: Completion of activities/challenges that demonstrate skills in math. Effective communication with other players, mentors, guides, etc. Effective interaction with non-playing systems, which require accurate spelling and proper syntax.



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