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Mission Statement

Rosie’s Room mission is to help reduce the reoccurrence of homelessness by teaching individuals basic life skills to help them sustain their lives.


Rosies Room is a non-profit organization created to help others enrich their lives by making the most out of what they have. Rosie's Room is based on the simplicity of Home Economics and enhancing life skills. We operate in several locations throughout the Portland-metro area.
Enthusiastic volunteers provide the tools and supplies for low-income people to learn the basics of life which include but are not limited to:

* mending ... simply a way to breath new life into a well-loved garment. Instilled with a sense of pride, every one looks and feels better when they're "on-the-mend".
* cooking ... a nutritious meal, honing an old skill, or modernizing a tried & true recipe. Mac & Cheese; meet cauliflower and skim.
* sewing ... sometimes it's as simple as the feeling of being trusted with a sewing machine again, other times it's trying it for the first time. Just spending a bit of time working out a complicated sewing pattern equals so much more than the finished garment.
* knitting ... the feel of the yarn, the memories it evokes and a chance to relax and chat and often, just knit.
* arts & crafts ... using various mediums it's a super quick way for someone to connect and to use their hands. The excitement is in seeing the "crafter" enthusiastic and proud about presenting the finished product as a gift...from the heart and made with love.


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