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Mission Statement

At UMMP we are dedicated to you, our volunteers. Our desire is to create a friendly, open and trusting environment where you can explore yourself while serving others.


Unexpected Moments of Magic Panama is a grassroots volunteer organisation which connects volunteers from all around the world with a large variety of volunteer activities in Panama.

Unexpected Moments of Magic works with a vast variety of organizations and is determined to place our volunteers in a position of interest and passion where you can best use your knowledge, skills and talents. Our strong connection with the community also allows us to create individualized placements upon request if a volunteer has a special area of interest.

Volunteering with UMMP is not about coming to Panama to change the world. Rather, it is about coming to Panama to change yourself. We believe the best way we can create change in this world is to create change within ourselves. By serving others, it teaches us to be selfless and grateful. By donating our resources, it teaches us to be benevolent and generous. By experiencing another culture, it opens our hearts and eyes to new ideas and ways of being human. By working with people in challenging situations, we gain a new perspective on things we may be taking for granted in our own life. By putting ourselves outside our comfort zone, it teaches us to overcome our fears. By challenging ourselves to do something different, we build confidence in ourselves and in our abilities to fulfill our hopes and dreams.

The volunteering in Panama itself will not change your life, but the experience in its entirety will.



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