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Mission Statement

Close to Home Mission

Close to Home’s mission is to foster community-wide responsibility to prevent and respond to domestic and sexual violence. We achieve this by working with local community members, policy makers, service providers, and other leaders in the domestic and sexual violence prevention and intervention field to

  • Implement community mobilization strategies in local communities;
  • Build and share knowledge with a community of practitioners; and
  • Ensure broad adoption of policies and practices that support local community members in taking a leadership role to address domestic and sexual violence.

Close to Home Vision

Close to Home is working towards the day when domestic and sexual violence are priority public issues addressed in communities everywhere. All community members are playing a role and taking both personal responsibility and collective action to address the root causes. Working together, communities have transformed the silence, shame, isolation, and fear currently surrounding domestic and sexual violence with conversation, understanding, hope, connection, and action.

Community mobilization is an essential component of effective domestic and sexual violence prevention and intervention practice in the United States and globally. It is continuously improved through research and supported through public policy. Close to Home serves as a pioneer and leader in this process.


Close to Home Values

1."The people most impacted must be the ones solving the problem." True leadership comes from the community: driven by its strengths and working towards a collective vision.

2.Power stems from relationships formed between community members, across age, gender, ability, race, ethnicity, creed, income, sexual orientation and other social barriers.

3.The causes of violence are rooted in the intersections of multiple forms of oppression.

4.Awareness and consciousness on an individual level are important for cultivating the type of society we envision - one that focuses on love and empowerment, rather than oppression.

5.We recognize that creativity, story-telling, art, and sharing food should be at the center of the social change process.

6.We believe in meeting people where they are and moving together towards the transformation of the social, economic, and political systems that result in oppression and violence.

7.We believe in taking actions that are rooted in a process of consistent reflection, critical thinking, and objective observation.

8.Oppression can be challenged by cultivating a Beloved Community that embraces, supports, and celebrates all people with a spirit of laughter, joy, creativity, and love.



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