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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Learning for Life to enable young people to become responsible individuals by teaching positive character traits, career development, leadership, and life skills so they can make ethical choices and achieve their full potential.

Students in Long Beach have a serious need for character education. The teachers in this district must deal with students who come from families where education is a low priority. According to many teachers, these students have no educational support system at home and the consequence is much lower achievement in the classroom. In addition to this, behaviors like fighting and disrespect for authority figures are seen on a routine basis. Dealing with these behaviors takes valuable time away from academic instruction. With the increasing importance of state testing, teachers are not able to spend sufficient time in teaching their students positive social and academic values. The Learning for Life program allows youth in low-income areas to develop the skills necessary to succeed as they progress through school and transition into the workforce. We teach personal skills such as goal setting, scheduling, prioritizing, being a good worker, being responsible and building positive personal habits. These lessons will aid student academic achievement. We also teach lessons on self discipline such as: anger management, conflict resolution, perseverance and coping with stress. These lessons help students deal with their emotions constructively. We have preventative lessons like: people who cheat, gang prevention and drug awareness. Finally we teach timeless values such as compassion, empathy, respect for self and others, community service, respecting differences, and how I learn from my mistakes. These lessons, and many others, teach students what it means to have good character.

Our program will equip students to lead a successful life. As these students begin to practice these principles, issues like low test scores, high dropout rate, and gang violence in Long Beach will diminish. These students, properly informed and motivated will have the ability to make positive changes in their community.


Learning for Life is a co-educational program for charcater and career education. We offer an in school program that includes, speakers, mentors, curriculum, and community outreach.



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