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Mission Statement

Our Mission
We tend to the bodies and minds, hearts and souls of the abandoned, abused and displaced fluffy, and not-so-fluffy, butts who are homeless through no fault of their own and find them furever loving homes. We offer information about the horrors of puppymills to anyone who will listen.
We "Rescue 'till we drop!"


FluffyButts Rescue Resort is a 501(c)(3) rescue specializing in small breed dogs--Yorkies, Maltese, and Pomeranians, with an occasional Great Dane among the Shih Tzus and Chihuahuas and any other homeless kid who has a fluffy, or not-so-fluffy butt, who needs help. FluffyButts Rescue Resort was started by Jordan, Boss of Everypuppy of the Universe (a bossy, yet sensitive, Yorkie girl) in 2004. We're based in Iowa, although we're lucky to have several volunteers across the country.

FluffyButts helps "kids" (dogs) who need new homes, whether they are relinquished by their owners, found in shelters, or are from puppymills (these are the parents of the puppies you see in pet shops so NEVER buy a puppy in a pet shop!!). Once we get them, our first pawority is to get them healthy - most of the kids we get in have been very sick, especially in the case of puppymill survivors; most need immediate medical attention. The boys get neutered and the girls get spayed. Ear and eye infections are treated, tumors are removed, and their toofers are shined up and/or pulled - in other words, we get them feeling good!

Each kid lives in a foster home where they can learn to trust and love and feel safe. The next step is to find them homes. The homes are always checked out very carefully so that these kids will never again be without love, treats, or comfy beds, or abused in any manner. After the kid adopts a new family, we keep in close touch with them. By then, we're so in love with the kidlet that we like to hear about every whisker-twitch and new thing that they've learned! We thrive on hearing all the happy news of our foster kids!



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