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Mission Statement

In a nutshell our goal is very simple. We're hoping to help people change the way they think by changing the way they play! We want people having fun in nature - improving their health, feeling more connected to nature, and getting a chance to create experiences that enrich their lives. We want people involved in the "experience" economy, so that they can feel happier, healthier, and more connected.

We feel that geotourism is the future of Tahoe - it's the future of travel.

Sustainable Tahoe showcases the cool adventures one can have in Tahoe - adventures that many people are unaware exist. The main goal of the our organization is building awareness and building community - we want people to get a taste of the fun and novel things that are available around this beautiful lake.

What sparked the formation of Sustainable Tahoe?

Sustainable Tahoe formed to address 3 key challenges that threaten the water clarity of Lake Tahoe:

Economy - Outdated tourism model which limits visitors connection to the place while putting water clarity at risk. (like being car-dependent vs. having interlinked water to land transit system)

Environment - Massive restoration investment that lacks adequate education, awareness and action to be effective, successful, and sustainable.

Community - competition within the region, rather than competing as one unified region. This confuses visitors and compromises environmental goals.

Tahoe can do better!



Sustainable Tahoe, a 501c3, is demonstrating how preservation is profitable.

Our passionate group of volunteers facilitate the adoption of stewardship and sustainability by showcasing, cultivating, and connecting models of success. Working with private, public and social sectors, we seek out environmentally responsible behavior and spotlight best practices to inspire others.

General Information

Once a year, we host the "Tahoe Expo" - a geotourism showcase of sustainable and seldom-seen adventures and explorations of the 8 Worlds of Lake Tahoe:



This event usually takes place in September - if you're interested in learning more about next years event then "like" our page or message us for more info.



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