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Mission Statement

To provide a place of hope and support for disadvantaged job-seekers throughout the Central Kentucky Region. Provide compassionate, skilled job preparation and PLACEMENT services to people who need it most, including ex-offenders, people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, welfare recipients and the homeless. Our focus is to prepare men and women to re-enter the workforce and connect with marketplace jobs. Our strategy breaks down the isolation of unemployment and replaces it with the productivity of a job and the support of the community.


Jubilee Jobs was opened its door in Lexington, KY in 2009, to offer hope for jobseekers from all over the city as they strive to overcome stumbling blocks in their path to work. Many applicants come to us bearing burdens of poverty, homelessness, having been incarcerated, and alcohol/substance abuse. Some strive to become independent and leave behind reliance on public subsidies. Others have little work experience, large gaps in work history, and/or low education and job-skill levels. We see beyond these struggles and envision each person’s ability to achieve a better life.

Sustaining adequate employment is crucial for individuals to support themselves and to help meet their most basic needs for food, housing, clothing, and the ability to provide for their children. An additional benefit is that, once these individuals are working, they will help stimulate the economy through spending and in their contributions in taxes, Medicare and Social Security. We have witness all kinds of success that our applicants have achieved in the many stories shared by them. They have went from entry-level employment to a sustainable career; from homelessness to renting one’s own apartment or from being burdened by debt to developing savings; and, most importantly, moving from isolation and failure to properly caring for self and family, and to being able to give back to the community.



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