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Mission Statement

February 25, 2005

River Walk Journal, Inc. is a non-profit organization, which assists in and supports both educational and professional endeavors of writers. The mission of River Walk Journal, Inc. is to publish a bimonthly publication featuring fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction submitted by both published and non-published writers, American and non-American. It has been the policy and practice of the Journal staff to assist beginning writers in their development as writers through one-on-one mentoring so that they may become published, either at River Walk Journal or at another publication. The organization wishes to help open doors through which new writers otherwise would find it hard to enter; River Walk Journal is that stepping stone which lifts new writers up and encourages them to write and have confidence in themselves.

It is also the objective of the corporation to promote literacy and literature appreciation through: (1) book donations, (2) sponsorship of conferences promoting literature in the community and the nation, and (3) the support and expansion of various local and national literary projects, as well as literacy projects of its own.


Literary success is not achieved by an author alone. It is dependent upon the teaching and support the author receives. There is a pile of form letter rejections for every published clip, and a mountain for every published book.

At River Walk Journal, instead of just that refusal, there is a chance to improve one's craft. Born from an editing group, this journal offers writers the opportunity to exchange ideas about specific works or the craft of writing in general. It is a living and breathing community, and the works offered to the public are the culmination of that community's best efforts.



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