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Mission Statement

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Our mission is to provide a 'holistic continuum of care' to the socially liable regardless of race, color, creed, national origin or sexual orientation. This concept is rooted in the fact that the socially liable (ex-offenders, hardcore unemployed, homeless, chemically dependent and who maybe HIV/AIDS infected or moderately mentally challenged etc.) have a wide range of supportive and case management needs. These negative conditions have developed over time and to such an extent that they have little or no control over their lives. Until and unless these issues are resolved, this population will continue to self-destruct. It is our missions goal to stunt this trend of demise.


New Beginnings Recovery Homes began 15 years ago with a single idea. Where can persons who society deems â socially liableâ receive short or long-term assistance as a means of remaining off the cityâ s streets and away from criminal enterprises, jails and the penitentiary? These persons are homeless, penniless, ex-offenders, HIV/AIDS Impacted, chemically dependent and/or mentally challenged. Most of these persons are subcategories of more than one grouping. New Beginnings provides transitional housing, food, clothing, social, supportive and case management services. Clients receive medical attention and medication through Circle Family Care. These are services that we either provide or which we refer clients.

New Beginnings has been inundated with parolees who have no home in which to parole. We have been asked to assist in helping these men to locate families, friends and acquaintances that will allow them to live with them while they complete their parole time. While waiting to move in with families and/or friends, we help these men to acquire state identification cards and gainful employment. We also help these men to move into temporary or permanent housing.

New Beginnings designed a program to provide an array of social, supportive and case management services to this particular clientele. Our holistic â continuum of careâ concept is designed to take our hardcore societyâ s â throwawaysâ and make them into positive, productive citizens through peer support groups, outpatient counseling (by licensed agencies), transitional housing and gainful employment.



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