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Mission Statement


To offer the opportunity of our Pacific Islanders and community members to come together, meet face to face and to exchange stories, ideas, and resources, break bread and to enjoy the fellowship of one another. We strive to incorporate a different theme each year to encourage our Culture to dialogue with Theology!

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"Le Auala: You BelongTherefore I Am"
The 19th Annual Tafesilafa'i Festival celebrates the thoughts, art and culture
of California's Pacific Islander Communities

The promise of the 19th Tafesilafa'i is this: You Belong. This is a recurring theme during Jesus’ earthly ministry. When Jesus encountered people who feel out of place, such as the poor, orphans, widows, prostitutes, tax collectors, strangers and children, his response to them has consistently been: You Belong with me. To those who were concern about a place to belong when Jesus leaves, Jesus said, "Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust God, and trust me. There are many places in my father’s house and if not, I would go and prepare a place for you. So where I am, there you will be also." [John 14:1-3]

The weeklong celebration starts July 19th and ends July 26th, 2015. Admission to the Festival is FREE and your attendance will afford you discounted admission to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Participating youth groups receive tickets to the Aquarium and there are many other fun things to do in Long Beach. Many events will be in the evening so bring a light sweater or jacket, bring your friends and spend a few days with us around the water.

Admission is FREE and your attendance will afford you a discounted admission to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Participating youth groups are given tickets to the Aquarium and there will be other fun things to do in Long Beach. Please carpool. Paid parking is available at nearby parking structures and metered parking at the Marina. FREE shuttles are available from nearby churches, METRO lines and hotels. Discounted hotel accommodations are available throughout the city. Last year we recorded over 30,000 visitors during the last 4 days of Tafesilafa'i.

Background: Tafesilafa'i started in 1997 as a conversation about meaning-making in the Samoan community. It has now grown into a platform where issues in the Pacific Islander communities in California are examined. The Festival is an integration of indigenous, cultural, and religious values in ways that accentuate the importance of family, community, and others. These values are expressed through music, dances, narratives, and rituals. Participants in Tafesilafa'i deepen their faith, hone their talents, and heighten their cultural awareness as they share with others, reaffirming respect for God, family, self and others.

"LeAuala" our theme this year, means "the way". When leaders are selected in the Samoan community there is a certain way by which they come to lead. The way is three pronged - kinship, servitude and prospects. Though one has little control over kinship, one can develop a servant’s heart and equip oneself for future prospects through leadership opportunities. The wisdom in this vetting process can be inferred from the phrase "You Belong, Therefore I Am." I lead with your permission. I exist because I allow you to be. It’s the expansion of the Cartesian notion "I think therefore I am" to include belonging and being mindful of others. This is the way to leadership.

Sunday, July 19th is Family Sunday. Each family dons their finest and attends worship at their local sanctuary. Families often wear matching patterns, signifying solidarity. When these toniga or matching patterns are in community, they represent unity in diversity. After worship, each family is encouraged to brunch together or to accept a brunch invitation from others.

Monday, July 20th is the beginning of the 24 Hour Prayer Marathon. Requests, petitions, gathered throughout the year, are sounded off and prayed for at each participating place of worship. Many prayers are for individual well-being, communal peace and the perpetuation of justice. Each prayer warrior commits to a 30-minute prayer session.

Tuesday July 21stfinds us wrapping up the 24 Hour Prayer Marathon and candlelight vigil as youth groups put the finishing touches on their dances, songs, performances and cultural sharing.

Wednesday July 22nd is friend-raising day and set aside for leadership development. This year’s event promises to be different and life giving.

Thursday July 23rd is set-up day at the Aquarium. The tents are raised, the sprinklers are turned off, the PA system is brought in, the stage is put together, the booths and sinks are hooked up, the "umu" is put in place and the decorations set. This year we have invited aspiring young ambassadors to get involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the event.

Friday July 24thThe drums start beating around the lunch hour. Visitors are treated to authentic island dance performances. Each group puts on performances in their unique vernacular. You can purchase island products, experience unique island performances, songs and dances, take part in preparing island cuisines in an above ground "umu" and experience island spirituality. When the sun sets, another set of performers take the stage to share their ideas of what it means to be authentic, cathartic and alive.

Sleep with the Fishes: Your children will also have the opportunity, to "sleep with the fish" at the Aquarium of the Pacific Friday night. This year, we have expanded the program to further educate the young ones about Pacific Islander life. All participants will be given a chance to participate in one of the following educational workshops: Gagana Samoa (Samoan Language), Samoan Siva (Dance), Umu Making (cooking food Samoan style) and Fire Knife Workshop.

All workshops start at 1pm and ends at 5:30pm then the Participants will enter the Aquarium for their overnight educational program until 5am the next morning. Participation is
limited to 150. Please download the application here.

On Saturday July 25th attendees will experience an "ava" ceremony early Saturday morning. Dances, songs, talent exhibitions and games follow, or a leisurely walk along the shore or take a bike around the bay. Spend the entire day near the water, retiring to your hotel room exhausted, tanned and relaxed. The Keepers of the Flame will be performing when the sun goes down.

Finally, Sunday July 26th opens with Community Worship at 11am followed by a community meal, spiritual dances, performances, songs and praise hymns from the faith community until late afternoon. The tempo is different and the sound is uniquely islander, beating to the rhythm of the world's largest ocean.



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by Tanu A. from Long Beach, CA (Administrator for this Organization) (2013-08-09 13:14:35.0)
This Festival is an opportunity for all to relax and enjoy our Pacific Island Culture. Here we encourage everyone to dialogue about Theology. We never charge admission and the environment is relaxing and inviting for all. The entertainment is exciting especially on Friday and Saturday night with Songs and dances from a diverse lineup. The highlight for me was the fire knife dancers who are a part of the champions from Tui Letuli's Fire Knife Championships-Weekend In Polynesia. If you volunteer at the Festival each volunteer receives a ticket into the Aquarium of The Pacific. 2014 promises to be even bigger. Be a part of an award-winning organization that embraces diversity and encourages all to break bread and enjoy each others company.