• Article V Convention for Our Children's Future Article V Convention for Our Children's Future


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Mission Statement

To ensure that Congress does NOT succeed in their attempts to deny the American people and the states OUR right to amend OUR Constitution; and, to ensure that the American people are engaged in this historic opportunity - once Congress has been forced to call the Article V Convention - to implement the reform in Washington We the People deem necessary, via federal constitutional amendment(s), that will "insure domestic tranquility... promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty" for our children and grandchildren.


A public-education, grassroots-lobbying non-profit. Our current National Campaign for Jobs in America is designed to prepare the citizenry for achieving success with this mission -- realizing our nation's first Article V Convention in our history. The goal of this national campaign is the enactment in Congress of jobs and energy legislation that are based on a citizen-created blueprint. This blueprint will be the result of, perhaps, as many as a hundred or more, national, radio/internet town-hall meetings that we will be organizing in which citizens will be provided with the opportunity to work with our town-hall co-hosts (our "radio partners" in community-radio stations across the country), our "expert guests" (economists and defense budget and energy policy experts) and congressional representatives with the goal of developing the blueprint. We will be advocating, during each of these town-hall events, that the jobs legislation is funded by defense budget cuts and/or cuts to the other enormous waste in the federal budget (corporate welfare, etc.) and that it also includes a requirement for accompanying, complementary energy legislation (an energy bill that invests in clean-energy industries and energy efficiency, addresses climate change, etc.). Our plan is to collect and store all the blueprints in a database with the goal of constructing a final version of the blueprint by extracting the most popular components. The desired end result: a final blueprint composed of elements having constituent support in congressional districts across the nation, which, with any luck, will provide us with the political power - a clear mandate from the American people - that will be required to achieve the goal of enactment of these two bills in Congress.



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