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Mission Statement

  • To design and execute quality, cost-conscience problem-solving plans that serve communities well.
  • To provide clear and concise interaction with town leaders and decision makers, throughout all phases of a planned community project and its implementation.
  • Keep onlookers involved in the project cycle with transparency, so as you attest to our own ability to meet project goals, costs, and time lines.
  • To maintain our integrity with actions which reflect an environment where towns, donors, and partners are treated with respect and honesty.
  • To surround ourselves with quality people who are committed to delivering a high level of excellence to the towns we serve.
  • To build a long-term relationship and partnership with residents and local government to approach common goals and achievements as easily as possible


People from all walks of life understand that programs aren’t always about giving, they are about individuals, communities, and history. Like many foundations and causes, The Give Back Foundation founder Melvin L Venable started his quest to make a difference in response to a need in Martinsville, Virginia.

Since 2009, The Give Back Foundation has been earning its reputation as a grass roots, active, community-based education, employment, and activism advocate in Martinsville, Virginia. Although today it’s focus is on this one town, its mission and vision extends much farther than these county lines. At the heart, the organization’s strengths can be found in its Vision and Guiding principles, for which its programs have been designed.

Towns all over America must have long-term, practical community development strategies that include all the areas within each city. Understanding the diverse needs of its residents, tourists, and employers should include a broad range of renovation plans, employer incentives, and educational excellence. At The Give Back Foundation, our focus is to improve low academics, educate those with limited job skills, build camaraderie and renovate all areas of the city to attract employers of a variety of industries.

The foundation’s biggest strength comes from its members. Each member who contributes their time, donations, energy, expertise and has been part of a community project, understands the value and the return on the human investment. Creating a positive change in a town’s life, the residents’ lives, they carry that generosity and tradition into their own families and into their workplaces.

As described by Melvin L Venable years ago, "If you empower people to be heard, to be helped, and to lead change in their own community, not only will you attract the assistance you need from those who are generous and kind, you will breed generations of independent residents who believe in its community assets."

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